As a very eventful summer comes to a close, it dawned on me how far this blog has veered from the direction in which I had originally intended for it to go. I had wanted to try to do the lifestyle blog thing since I feel I have a unique lifestyle perspective which others might benefit from. I wanted to cook some, and finish some furniture, and take more pictures, and renovate my house, and document it all here. Instead, I ended up with another blog that was mostly music memes – which I love and is wonderful, but music memes alone do not a lifestyle make. I wanted to steer the content back into the realm of what I was initially planning to do, but it seems life had other plans for me. Plans which resulted in me spending most of this year stressed-out and then being lazy to cope with being stressed out.

Like I do every few years, I decided that a change is needed for me personally, so I now have a new home on the web. (You can read all about my eventful summer over there when the new blog launches) I won’t be getting rid of this blog, but I do plan on getting it back on track by using it as a companion to the Etsy shop, which I hope to be able to relaunch one day; using it to showcase my own vintage treasures; and using it to feature my up-cycling efforts, vintage updates and restorations. Having said that, the next few weeks will be spent removing my non-vintage related entries, off-topic tags and categories here. I still haven’t decided whether I’ll move them to my new blog or not, but I think I’m going to try to get that rolling without all the clutter from the past. I can always go back and work the entries in at a later date if I want to.

The main takeaway here is that this site won’t be updated all that much for at least the rest of this year (but I will absolutely link to any updates on social media). I am set to launch Storms and Stardust on September 2, and will be changing my name to reflect that on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Unless and until this blog takes on a life of its own, I don’t plan on creating social media accounts for it.

I look forward to getting creative here, and hope to see everyone at the new place!

That announcement I mentioned a long time ago…
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