First Spring Project, Coming Soon!

About ten years ago, I came across a vintage pink, semi-circular sectional sofa in a favorite local antique shop. It had two large-ish sitting pieces and a triangular middle piece that was upholstered, but had wooden tops on two levels. It had seat cushions and was pillow-backed. It was also out of my price range.

One day I just happened to be shopping while the sofa’s vendor was clearing out her booth. I asked her what she’d take for the sofa, and she just gave it to me for free! For the price of $20 to have the antique shop owner’s elderly husband deliver it (I helped him unload it and carry it into my house while I was sick with a sinus infection), it was mine! I didn’t even mind that by this time, the triangular middle piece had gone missing.

I got it home, and used it in my living room for a few years while trying to decide what to do with it. The pink canvas upholstery had torn in some places, revealing a gorgeous peacock blue velvet underneath! I quickly peeled back the canvas on the other section, but unfortunately that only revealed the horsehair stuffing.

Around that time my son came into some other living room furniture, so my project sofa was put in our spare room. I haven’t had the opportunity to work on it due to living in a small, full house, so it’s been in that spare room for years. That’s also why I have no photo of my actual sofa. But I am really excited to finally pull it out and work on it here in a month or so!

This is a sofa, in perfect condition, to boot, that I came across in a thrift store later. Obviously, I couldn’t get this one, (but a friend WAS able to buy it, yay!), so I snapped this photo for inspiration because I am in love with its chartreuse velvet upholstery. I can’t wait to do this, or something very similar, to mine! And I also have about a million and one other things I’d like to do to it structurally to make it fit more with my Mid Century Rustic style.

One thing is for sure, though. That horsehair stuffing has got to go! I’ll be making my replacement couch cushions with a quick-dry outdoor foam from Foam By Mail. Quick drying foam is a must in a full house with three dogs, I think!

Outdoor fabric wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Even though I have my heart set on velvet, how cool would a more rugged topper/pet cover be in that same shade? I can get everything I’ll need to update this sofa in one place, and on a budget I can live with.

Due to my time, space, and other factors, I’m sure this will take a while yet to get off the ground, and may be slow-going even once I get started. But I am so excited, and can’t wait to detail the process once I do!

Bottom photo credit: Foam By Mail

First Spring Project, Coming Soon!
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