Moving Forward

So, did anyone else really blow NaBloPoMo? I sure did, despite giving myself less to worry about by only committing to weekdays. Sometimes these things just can’t be helped, though. After thinking I was okay to jump into the NaBloPoMo fray back in November, I encountered lots more site issues (the last and most serious of which resulted in me having to have my entire theme scrapped). That, combined with stress at home and a lot more outside-the-home work and getting sick a few times…well, I just didn’t have the fortitude to continue. Will I fare any better in December? Who knows, but I am willing to give it a try.

I personally don’t like the direction blogging has taken in recent years, which seems like cookie-cutter “pick a niche, review products, promote, do giveaways, add, rinse, repeat.” All that is great, and even integral for some blogs. I’ll continue to do reviews and such here on occasion. But what about the people writing? I also want to really get to know the people behind the clever site names and well-written reviews. I think that’s probably why it’s been kind of difficult for me to stick with it for any length of time – seems like there’s just really no personality to it anymore. I’d like to see a return to more eclectic, personal, NON-niche blogging in the coming year, and of course I will be doing my part to make that happen. So even though it’s not a new year yet, one of my goals moving forward is something I’ve said I would do for years now, yet never have: just write for myself. About whatever I want.

It does feel maybe like a new day is dawning for those of us who miss “the old ways” – and our old blogs! I see so many people reminiscing on social media about how they miss blogging and want to start again, so who knows? Maybe there will be others out there doing the same.

Why do YOU blog? Do you miss the days when blogs were a bit more personal? When blogs were social media before all the social media sites? How has your blog fared amidst the rise of social media?

Moving Forward
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