Hi, everyone! Whether you’re a first time reader from the NaBloPoMo groups/hops or a returning reader, I hope you’ll like it here and return often!

This isn’t an official NaBloPoMo post (more on that in a few), but more of an explanation for my absence from my blog and my late start to NaBloPoMo…

First, I involuntarily abandoned my blog due to technical issues. Then I got busy with work, and spent all my downtime vegging in front of the tv (Hello, Haunting of Hill House and The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell!). Then, I resolved (that batch of) technical issues, “came back”, and made a post. Then it was Halloween. Then it was NOVEMBER! How did that even happen?? And I came back to my blog ready to pound out daily posts for a month for National Blog Posting Month, only to discover more technical issues.

Well, those issues have been resolved, and I am, at long last, ready to blog again.

My goals for NaBloPoMo have changed this year. I completed 2017 with the requisite daily posts, but it was really tough. This year, I am only committing to weekday posts. Considering I usually post once or twice a week at most, this will still be quite a feat. I may post on weekends, and maybe even Thanksgiving and Black Friday if I can get myself pulled-together enough to schedule some posts ahead of time. We shall see! But weekdays are on the agenda for sure.

So I’ll be back on Monday to officially start. I do hope you’ll come back! And in the meantime, I will be going around to all the participating blogs I can find and getting to know the authors.

I am really excited about this!

I spoke too soon, and NaBloPoMo 2018 goals.

2 thoughts on “I spoke too soon, and NaBloPoMo 2018 goals.

  • November 4, 2018 at 3:32 PM

    I’m so glad you’re back this year even though you’ve had some technical issues (those are the worst). Can’t wait to see you back here on Monday!

    • November 5, 2018 at 3:01 PM

      Thank you for coming by! I had it set to auto publish, then got sick, sick, sick. I don’t think NaBloPoMo wants to be with me this year….


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