So I signed on for the first time in a month to try and get caught up, because I have lots and lots to tell you all! But instead walked into a nightmare of epic proportions by not only learning that I need to get my blog GDPR compliant, but that I am already late to the game (you know, since I’ve been gone from it for a month.) I am working furiously to make this happen, and at this point I think I have most of it done. After nearly deleting my blog because of a plugin I couldn’t work with (thank you, Namecheap, for your prompt and efficient help in getting this problem resolved on the host end!), I still have a few more plugins to check, and then I will have an updated disclosure/privacy policy in place to reflect my shiny, brand-new GDPR compliance.

This probably didn’t really warrant updating, but here you have it anyway!

Carry on…

BRB – Trying to get everything GDPR Compliant!

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