Whoa.  It’s Spring now!

Happy first day of spring! How did this happen so fast? I started spring cleaning in January, and I still don’t have it all done. Mainly because I’m lazy and started bingeing One Tree Hill, but still…my work has been steady. Ish.

I’ve neglected the blog not only because of vegging and bingeing One Tree Hill, but I’ve been working just a bit more, and for a period of six weeks I had been getting violently, ridiculously sick to my stomach every other week, which took me a few days to fully recover from. I’m just thankful that except for one time, this happened on days when I was already off work. I’m already stressed enough in general, and trying to make it on less is stress I just don’t need. But hopefully I’m back now, and ready to try to roll once more.

I gave the site a springtime refresh! Well, it’s a nod to that part of spring that is mostly still cool and stormy and when nothing has bloomed yet except the daffodils, who are as impatient as me to get winter over with. I may make a few tweaks here and there before I go into a more colorful springtime theme, but this is pretty much the gist of it for a month or so. I do love this part of spring; the unpredictability. In fact, our Spring Eve was spent with severe weather, including hail, flooded roads, and tornado warnings in the area.

In the afternoon right after work (a little after 3pm) this was my view in South Huntsville:

I drove home, and this was the view on my road about 30 minutes later. A storm had obviously already passed through, and part of the road I live on was flooded.

Then came the tornado warning. This was the view to the West, with a bit of a fiery sunset (unfortunately not depicted well in this photo) peeking through:

…and the view to the East. My street light always casts a weird orange glow on all my dark photos, so that’s where that’s coming from. But I think it added to the ominous atmosphere:

Yesterday’s storms have given way to a cool, damp day today. Such is spring here in the South! Perfect for getting caught up on life, conversations, and errands/chores.

Whoa. It’s Spring now!

3 thoughts on “Whoa. It’s Spring now!

  • March 25, 2018 at 7:46 PM

    Am I hot? Am I cold? Like the weather, it’s hard to decide when it’s this time of year!

    Yep, you pretty much describe Huntsville in the spring. We know the seasons are about to flip when we get our lovely cache of tornado warnings. ;-p

  • May 11, 2018 at 1:52 PM

    Being so sick must have been terribly exhausting, but I hope it’s way past you by now and you’re feeling much better and maybe even a little less stressed. If not, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. xoxo


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