2017:  The Year in Vintage

Like all the other years before it, 2017 was a great year in vintage! I didn’t see much on my “None Left Behind” list (other than a few things I haven’t managed to get posted in the category, that is!), and there were a LOT of cute things that I could easily have used or resold that got passed up. Why? Well, there is no way to put this kindly, but this year has been a tough one financially. Anytime I need to buckle down and save money, my thrifting is the first thing to go. Of course, I still torture myself by stopping in the stores “just to look around.” It really is my therapy, and I haven’t been able to break that particular habit just yet.

Here are just a few of the many vintage treasures seen/bought/coveted from this year:

Who else is like me, and can’t wait for after the New Year, when all the purgers and downsizers start taking their stuff to the thrift stores?

2017: The Year in Vintage
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