12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 11 – Wishing and Waiting

By now, we’ve seen a lot of different party accoutrements, heard some festive music, and even seen a few trees. But what about what goes under those trees? The things all the good boys and girls have wished for, and are waiting for Santa to deliver.

And if you grew up in the 70s and 80s (maybe even before, I’m just going with what I personally know here), then most likely, your wishes were granted via one of these bad boys, the coveted Sears Holiday Wish Book.

JC Penney and other mass-merchandisers of the era had similar catalogs, but for our family, this was THE ONE! We couldn’t wait to get it in the mail every fall. We’d spend hours looking through it, dog-earing the pages with the items we wished for and marking/initialing them. It had EVERYTHING adults and kids alike could possibly want. And although we never got everything we marked down (who possibly could?), between different family members, we always made out with some really sweet hauls. And we always seemed to get the things we wanted the most.

Isn’t that the magic of Christmas?

12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 11 – Wishing and Waiting

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