12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 8 – Serveware

You can’t just have dinnerware and glasses and such for the holidays, you also have to have season-appropriate serveware to hold your food!

Technically, the Holt Howard stuff from Day 1 is serveware, but it got its own post. So there’s that, then there’s all this wonderful stuff (in collected pins, of course!).

First up, this Fire King Egg Nog set is sure to be a hit at your holiday gatherings:

…as will this lovely covered casserole dish (unsure of pattern/manufacturer):

…and this jolly, holly patterned chip/dip set:

(Disclaimer: I did not check out the Etsy link, so I am not sure if it’s current.)

And I don’t have a clue who makes this beverage set, (it’s VERY Holt Howard-esque, no? maybe it is Holt Howard. but I can’t say for sure.) but I *need* it in my life. NEED.

As with everything else I’ve posted, there are literally hundreds more awesome vintage pieces to fawn over, and I can’t wait to share more next year!

12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 8 – Serveware
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