12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 4 – Holt Howard Santa

No, I’m not done with Holt Howard yet!

First, let me just start off by saying that I have no idea what this particular pattern is called. It has all the adorable whimsical elements Holt Howard is famous for, as well as some popular Mid Century Modern atomic elements. Just take a look at this wonderful little tray:

(Not mine, but I’ll never let one pass me by if I see it in a thrift store!)

And my favorite glassware makers, Libbey, teamed up with HH sometime in the 60s/70s to create glassware with this motif!

There were the drinking glasses:

The drinking glasses with a different shape:

And smaller pedestal glasses, which I think would make the most perfect cocktail glasses for all your Christmas cheer:

At some point, there were even seasonal promotional glasses made for a few restaurants. Here is a set from Dairy Queen:

And a set I’ve blogged about before, my Libbey “Holiday” for Jack’s Restaurants glasses.

I actually found these in perfect condition in a thrift store, and reached out to Jack’s to find out all I could about them. In a reply to my email, Jack’s Brand Manager responded that she thought they were issued in 1976. I couldn’t believe it; as I stated in the other post, they were in such good shape I was sure they were re-issues.

And also: Dairy Queen had this promotional set as well (though I’ve never seen these before):

I know the clear ones are obviously more rare – and I’ll never leave any behind if I see them out in the wild! But the ones with the black background are more my jam. They match my vintage Novoctime Black plates, after all!

What are your favorite holiday glasses?

If you’d like some of these delightful HH Santa items for yourself, check these out:

Holt Howard Santa glasses on Etsy
Holt Howard Santa tray on Etsy
Holt Howard Santa glasses on eBay
Holt Howard Santa tray on eBay

Candle holders and ceramics and yet MORE DESIGNS can also be found at these links.

12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 4 – Holt Howard Santa
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