THE time to be in retail is over the holidays. It’s the best time of year to get hours (IF you are an hourly employee), it’s occasionally entertaining for people-watchers (one year, a guy came running through as soon as the store opened, shouting “WAR EAGLE!!!!” until he rounded a corner and fell. Glad he wasn’t hurt; also glad it put a stop to his yelling. And running – which, as everyone knows, is an indoor no-no.), and a bit surreal (coming in to work while still in a semi-food coma is always an experience, but this year a bird kept stealth-flying into the store, grabbing popcorn off the floor, and evading capture attempts. It was something else).

But what it always is during the week of Thanksgiving is exhausting. After missing work Monday due to being sick, a regular shift Tuesday, a double shift Wednesday, the Thanksgiving night madness, then opening today, it occurred to me that I’ve worked four shifts in the last 60 hours. And since tonight is my Thursday, I’ll be back up there bright and early tomorrow to make up for my missed Monday. I will be so ready for my day off Sunday!

In the meantime, I’ve been taking the edge off by thrifting after work. Recent purchases? A set of three of these vintage Maxwell House collectible cups:

Hanging in there.
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