Goals for the day

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I don’t have many goals for today, but here they are:

  • Get to work on time.
  • Ask if I can work Saturday since I missed yesterday

After work…

  • Get to Huntsville utilities to take care of several important things.
  • Once that is done, get to the tax assessor’s office to take care of another important thing (as it turns out, my property wasn’t homesteaded. Gah.).
  • Pick up dinner for the evening and what I can for Thanksgiving brunch. Oh, and do not forget bath tissue and dog food!

After errands…

  • Take dogs out after getting home
  • Spend about an hour returning blog visits and hopefully preparing tomorrow’s post.
  • Do dishes. Fix dinner. Do dishes again. Do laundry. Watch This Is Us. Cry.
  • Prepare my clothes and lunch and snack for tomorrow’s double
  • Fall into bed exhausted, yet unable to sleep after all the caffeine consumption it’ll take to power through this day, plus the nervous energy from having to do time-sensitive errands for which I need to visit the utility office, insurance office, and tax assessor’s office.
  • Pray I don’t relapse.

How’s your Tuesday looking?


  • Oh man, I hope you made it through the day without too much stress, especially after being sick. The good thing is that crying will help to clear out your sinuses if they’re still plugged up at all. 🙂

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