Today brought a new twist to my misery. Apparently, all of the meds I’ve been taking and the air I’ve been gulping through my mouth haven’t been playing nicely together in my tummy. I’m sure some bad news received yesterday didn’t help, but I was already pretty much down for the count.

After feeling pretty decent last night, I woke up to sweats and horrible stomach pain this morning. As in, I couldn’t stand or even sit upright for very long without sweating and feeling faint. I’m feeling okay for now, but I’ve spent literally all day in bed. In fact, I’m blogging on my phone in bed. I haven’t been able to shower or wash work clothes, and I dread waking up to whatever fresh hell awaits tomorrow.

#sorrynotsorry for being dramatic. I usually don’t get hit with both a sinus infection and a stomach catastrophe at the same time.

On the bright side? I got to indulge my Jason Momoa obsession just a bit more by watching Bad Batch on Netflix!

Update from the isolation chamber

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