“A” for effort?

I totally didn’t want to wake up today. I’m not sure why. I’m not depressed or anxious, and I got a good night’s sleep. But I *AM* extremely tired. And it dawned on me this morning as I was updating iOS on my phone and frantically trying to figure out how to stop Spotify from automatically launching at startup on my laptop that I have got to come up with a better game plan.

I think a mishmash of posts is okay for this month since it’s NaBloPoMo and all, but I really do need to start thinking of the future and figure out a way to keep readers once all the reciprocal visiting is finished. I have projects planned, but projects take time and a little bit of money. Reviews take time. And time is something I either waste or spend doing other things once anxiety hits, and it often does.

Today I am falling back on an old standby: declaring intentions for the blog.

Over in the sidebar, I’ve stated that I’d like for this to eventually become a combination of personal journal/lifestyle blog, but with my twist. That means including my favorite things, music and old stuff. To that end, here are some things to get there (some I’m doing; some I’m not):

  • Songs every day. I currently do this, but only recently started. I wanted to find a way to tie the day’s song into the post subject, but that can’t always be done. Besides, I think that would make the posts too contrived and “theme”-y.
  • Feature a different vintage dinnerware/glassware/barware/flatware item of mine at least weekly.
  • Find fun vintage workouts to try while trying to get in shape, then blog about progress or lack thereof?
  • Get going on those DIY and MIY posts. I actually do have a few; it’s just taking me some time to get the photos the way I want them.
  • Re-invent recipes and try reinvented recipes to better assist me with getting healthier.
  • Reviews. Music (albums; concerts). Books. Appliances. Products. Etc.
  • Money gods willing, start doing some necessary home improvements so that I can finally blog about my house and show it off. Er…show it’s transformation off.

It’s a lot, but that’s been my plan for years now. Yes, years.

Here’s to hoping I can make an honest go of it.

Song for Tuesday: Goo Goo Dolls – “Long Way Down”

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  • You can totally do everything on your list, but don’t be too hard on yourself. First and foremost, write for YOU and about the things that truly bring you joy. I’ll still be here next month!

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