We’ve gotta stop meeting like this.

I know, I know. I should probably have posts ready first thing in the morning instead of writing them at night and then sneaking the submissions in before midnight my time so they “count”. Honestly? Even if a post is a day late, or one was skipped…does anyone really care? I don’t. I just enjoy reading and participating.

Today was absolutely productive: up at 7:30 AM with the dogs, started the day’s laundry, started the day’s dishes, and then? I unplugged and defrosted my fridge. (More on that fridge in a later post.) I cleaned all day while waiting for the fridge to do it’s thing, and now everything is back in place and I can relax.

I don’t know whether to try like hell to finish the last 3.5 seasons of How I Met Your Mother before Netflix yanks it on the 13th, or do like I did late last night and jump down the rabbit hole that is YouTube.

Y’ALL. I spent about 2.5 hours last night just watching episodes of My Favorite Riff with Nikki Sixx, Revolver Golden Gods Black Carpet interviews, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction performances, and Kennedy Center Honors performances.

Really made me miss my Metal days. I still love a lot of that music, but no longer get to get out to metal shows like I used to. Maybe I will again someday. And on that note…a song from one of the bands I got to see back in the day!

Song For Saturday: Satyricon – “Black Crow on a Tombstone”


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