And I couldn’t be happier, because right now I have (most) nights and weekends off – which I know is SUPER RARE in the retail world. I really hope I am kept on this schedule from here on out!

So I’ve come to the close of my first full week (and a few days – weeks end on Friday for me on the blog!) of NaBloPoMo, and I’m actually doing better than I thought I would. I’ve made it in by the skin of my teeth some days, but I’ve stuck it out and gotten it done. I like the accountability this challenge has given me.

Although I’ve been blogging off and on for years under various names, and even this blog has been around for a while (though not very active), I still consider myself a bit of a newbie. Mostly because blogging is an entirely different game than when I was last this committed to it. A lot has really changed over the years, and I am having trouble adapting. Social networking sites have taken the place of blogs for many of those I used to know and read. I still know and read – their social media posts – but it’s just not the same for me.

Anyway, I’ve come across a slew of other bloggers who will be added to my daily reads list and I hope I will be to some of theirs. By the end of the month, I’m hoping I have a more clear idea of where this little space of mine is headed. It’s currently niche-less with aspirations of being a lifestyle blog with a twist. Maybe a lifestyle blog for those with no life and no style? We shall see.

So I close out the week with plans to snuggle up to doggies, bingeing some more on How I Met Your Mother, maybe starting a new book (my favorite author has one I haven’t been able to check out yet), and sleeping in just a bit in the morning. Because this weekend’s all about getting caught up on housework and such. I have kitchen appliances to clean and defrost, so I already know tomorrow will be an adventure in and of itself.

Song For Friday: Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger – “State of Shock”

Another work week down.
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2 thoughts on “Another work week down.

  • November 11, 2017 at 9:28 PM

    Yay for the end of a work week and super yay for still being in NaBloPoMo. I hope you’re able to stick around for the whole month…and beyond.


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