Music Monday – For the first time in a long time

It’s been a while since I posted any sort of Music Monday or similar post. It’s actually been quite a while since I actually liked any music. But then this year, a band of brothers (and one friend) from Michigan burst onto the scene and took the music world by storm. They’re very young, have been drawing well-deserved comparisons to the mighty Led Zeppelin, selling out shows across the country as I type this, and have probably single-handedly restored my faith in music.

Did you figure out who I’m talking about yet? It’s Greta Van Fleet!! And if you aren’t listening? You should be. I know that people will balk at the comparisons to Zeppelin, and I get it. If you’re going to compare a band to one of such legendary proportions, they’d better bring it! And I think they do. Only time will tell if they stand the test of time, but I really hope they can because this debut EP is clearly the best thing to happen to music this year. And more importantly, today’s younger generations desperately NEED their own Led Zeppelin. Pop and hip-hop and even metal are pretty well-represented among younger artists, but there isn’t much in the way of straight-up rock and roll.

Their debut EP, Black Smoke Rising, has only four tracks, and every single one of them is worth a listen. I get the Zeppelin vibes, but there are also elements of older Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, and 80s stoner rock in there, too. “Highway Tune” got tons of airplay around here (but you should totally check that one out if you haven’t yet heard anything by them), and their second release, “Safari Song”, looks to follow suit. So I am sharing my personal favorite, “Flower Power”.

Song For Monday – Greta Van Fleet, “Flower Power”

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