Song for Saturday

So my original plan was to spend this weekend getting caught up on all the NaBloPoMo posts, and reading other blogs, and getting a jump start on future posts for myself.

Anyone who knows me probably already knows how that went! In my defense, my house was really messed up, so I’ve been cleaning off and on all day. Also, I just got into How I Met Your Mother, and I’ve been marathoning that all day.

Which brings me to this point: the evening almost being over, and me squeezing a post in 15 minutes before midnight. Forget that glass slipper and RUN!, Cinderella! Don’t miss your coach before it turns back into a pumpkin! Or…streamline and compose a few thoughts before midnight so you won’t break your NaBloPoMo streak. And…an epiphany of sorts.

When I started this blog, I hoped to be able to truly combine all my favorite things: vintage stuff, books, music, making stuff, doing things around the house, chronicling my attempts to better my health (physically, mentally, and financially), and documenting my travels as well as exploration of local establishments and events.

So far, I’ve gotten a few book reviews and some info on vintage dishes posted, and that’s pretty much it. But I was thinking the one constant I could bring to the blog is to share a song with each post. New or old, country, rock, or something else…none of that really matters. I’m just always listening to music, so it only makes sense that I post about it regularly. If I’m cleaning house or cooking, I have a playlist. If I’m making things, I have a playlist. If I’m happy, there’s a song. If I’m sad, there’s a song. You get the picture.

So today’s song is a cover, by a favorite band, of a favorite song by another favorite band. I took the photo above last night as some fog was rolling in. The moon, the fog, and the atmosphere reminded me of Pink Floyd. Surrealish sky/space scenes always do. Anyway, I thought it would be a good time to pass along Avenged Sevenfold‘s cover of “Wish You Were Here” because a) we all know I love a good cover, and b) I think A7X have managed to do justice to the song while still maintaining their own sound.

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  • Pink Floyd are one of my favourite bands so I was interested to see what this cover would sound like! I thought Avenge Sevenfold did a really good job, although I have to admit I still prefer the original. I love how the moon and fog reminded you of the song. I’ve always thought Pink Floyd had an ethereal sound to them 🙂

    • Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life

      Absolutely. Nothing, in my opinion, can ever top the original! Pink Floyd definitely has an ethereal sound to them.

  • “A firm believer that there’s nothing quite like loud music and the open road to cleanse the soul.” OMG, you are right. You and I ARE soul sisters. Rock on, Kim!

  • What a great song. I love your idea of incorporating a song into all your posts. I too, love music, and my important playlist is the one I take with me when I run. P.S. Enjoy your binge-watching!

  • I’ve been working my way through “Mom” with Anna Farris and Allison Janney and I ADORE it. Was considering going through HIMYM next; I never watched that when it was on!

    • Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life

      I have seen several episodes of this and really, really like it. I need to start at the beginning! I definitely recommend How I Met Your Mother. I didn’t get to see it when it was on, either.

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