So, this may seem like kind of a cheat, since I’m supposed to be posting every day for a month. But I was over at another blogger’s site, and mentioned that I’m just not my best in the morning (yet. I hope to become that way someday!), so I plan on getting the bones for some posts down over the weekend, and just fleshing them out in the mornings. Obviously, I’m not a great blog content planner and on top of all that? I decided at the last minute to commit to NaBloPoMo.

So instead of “real” content, I’ll be posting a weekly(-ish) wrap-up today. Here is a list of my recent posts, in case you missed them and any of them sound interesting to you:

  • It’s Been A While – November 2. NaBloPoMo Day 2. Also the second in my “None Left Behind” category, in which I feature the items that I never pass up when I see them. So far, I have only vintage items in the category, but maybe it will evolve to pretty much anything over time.
  • NaBloPoMo 2017 Day 1 – self explanatory. I just made a quick post about my past attempts and failures at completing NaBloPoMo, but I did post a cool photo from the recent Foo Fighters show in Birmingham, AL.
  • Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul – October 31. Halloween. And not a Halloween or Rocky Horror Picture Show themed post, I’m afraid. Instead, I segued off into the realm of second-job hunting and lamenting the fact that a local fast food chain didn’t hire me on the spot.
  • Ten Years Ago Today – October 24. The post in which I recall what a life-changing event a concert was.

I look forward to more and (hopefully) better posts in the coming weeks, and am happy to be linking up with several FB groups as well as Blissful Lemon’s NaBloPoMo 2017 link-up!

Weekly (and beyond) wrap-up

2 thoughts on “Weekly (and beyond) wrap-up

  • November 3, 2017 at 6:05 PM

    Oh you stop it right now. You wrote today so that counts as “real” content. I promise you that I plan to take full advantage of “wordless Wednesday” at least a few times this month because the struggle is real to come up with fresh content every single day. Enjoy your weekend and don’t stress. The words will come and if they don’t write about how they’re not coming.

  • November 3, 2017 at 7:33 PM

    I agree with Cathy. It’s still content. 🙂
    Happy NaBloPoMo!


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