Hello, again, hello.

And good Monday morning to ya on this beautiful, albeit way-too-cold-for-me start to a gorgeous autumn day.  If you landed here, yay!

So last week I went to the Facebook group to link to a post (which has since been deleted) which announced my return to blogging.

(Why did I do that?  Is an announcement under these circumstances just the opposite of a “flounce” – you know, where when you’re in a Facebook group and someone has come across something they don’t like, so they make a huge deal out of leaving the group?  Of course it is.  But hey…I’m basically starting over, and no one is reading.  And certainly no one will read if they don’t know about it, right?)

So why did I go and delete most of my entries?  Well, for starters, on the very day that I linked to the blog, my domain expired.  I just figured, since I was starting over, the best thing to do once setting the domain back up was to truly start over.  I think I only left some book cover reveals up since I committed to those.  And my info about my Jack’s glasses, which will be relocated (or used in a different post closer to the holidays) to my eventual resource pages.

Anyway, I hope to be more active over here from here on out.  I have lots I want to share, but I’m also hoping to find my voice again.  I miss it.

Hello, again, hello.

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