Summer so far…in pictures

I had really hoped to be back up and running way before now, but since I last stopped by here, quite a bit has happened. I’ve continued to split my time between my home here in the Huntsville area, and my family’s home in Mississippi. Work and home improvement duties keep me busy while here, and many of my off days find me on the road. It was exhausting at first, as I was traveling every time I had time off. But now that I need to keep a tighter reign on my funds, I’ve backed off to every other weekend. And on the weekends I spend here, I am desperately trying to stay caught up on things which need to be done. You would think with three adults who basically pick up after themselves that there wouldn’t be much to do in the way of housework, but you would be wrong in our case. I just never seem to get on top of things.

So much good has happened that I am so thankful for, though…

I brought this chair home:

After seven years and over 200K miles with my Beetle, Bibi, the heat and AC had stopped working. Winter without heat wasn’t so bad due to the very mild winters here. But when the AC quits? That’s about the time I part ways with a car. The Beetle was already 8 years old when I purchased it back in the summer of 2010, making it 15 YEARS OLD this year!! The time had definitely come for a new daily driver. I am now the proud owner of this 2011 Toyota RAV4:

Bonus? I still have my Beetle as a backup car.

I saw The Damned:

…and Muse:

…(with Special Guests) Thirty Seconds To Mars:

(If you want to see more of these grainy TSTM photos, hover on the pic, then click through!)

And I was completely against this, but my son brought home this adorable, chubby little pit bull puppy. Meet Aristotle Butterbean:

He has muscled up a lot in the month or so that we’ve had him, and he is working on his manners and doing very well. Here he is in his earlier days with us:

I hope everyone has been having an amazing summer. I’m still very much enjoying mine! And if you haven’t been by here in a while, you might notice that I’ve given the site a (slightly more) summery makeover. I have no plans to vacation this summer, but believe me…I would love to be on some beach, somewhere with a cold margarita! Watching a beautiful sunset burning up the atmosphere, of course.

Summer so far…in pictures
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