Waiting for Santa

So obviously, NaBloPoMo was a big, fat bust for me this year.

(Edit: I have since removed NaBloPoMo posts in an attempt to streamline my entries and clean the place up a bit.)

I really did give it a shot, but I was just too busy, stressed, and tired to deal with it. But with the year coming to a close, I have a few posts lined up to wrap things up and even some knowledge to impart! So I am very excited to be stopping in during the holiday madness.

But first off, on this very warm Christmas Eve (currently 57 degrees at 11pm!), I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Over on my Instagram earlier this evening, I posted a pic of the goodies set out for Santa – a plate of Bourbon Pecan Pie and Sweet Tea (we are in the South, after all!) served up in some of the cutest Santa glasses I’ve ever seen! I was going to do a glass of eggnog with rum, but it’s just too warm. I think Santa will find the sweet tea much more refreshing, don’t you think?

Plate: Vintage Arcopal Novoctime Black
Glass: Vintage Libbey for Jack’s Restaurants

Today’s music:

The Killers – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Not as comical as some of the others, but I *LOVED* the story that went along with this.

Waiting for Santa
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