What do you NEVER leave behind?

It’s day six of #NaBloPoMo (Edit: most NaBloPoMo entries have been removed in an effort to clean the blog up a bit.) and already, I’m feeling a bit burned out. But it’s Saturday, and we get an extra hour, so there’s that.

And I guess this is as good a late night day as any to launch a new category, “None Left Behind”. It’s not as serious or philanthropic as it sounds, though. It’s just that as a vintage collector AND reseller, there are some things that I grab whenever I see them, no matter how many I currently have (as you will soon see). Some things I add to my own home, and some get listed in the shop. Some were shopped per request from specific clients (ooh! I like the way this sounds! so much better and more professional than just “people”!), in which case they are acquired, then packaged and sent to their new owners. There are some things you just never leave behind.

I’ll start out with one of my own collections, the Libbey Bierglas in smoke. That link is to a scan of an actual 1972 Libbey Catalog, and if you enjoy learning about that sort of thing, or ever need to identify a Libbey Glassware pattern (or rule it out as being Libbey), then visit Libbey Glass History. It is a fantastic, comprehensive online resource!


Aren’t they simply stunning? The shape is unusual, the bases are heavy and the perfect size, the smoke color is actually almost clear, but those bases? I’ve never been able to get a good photo of the base, but they’re a dark, smoky gray upon first sight. But in the light, they turn from a greenish to an almost lavender color. (You can see a little bit of the lavender in the header image at the top.) It’s like magic!

I began collecting these after I found them in my Papaw’s house after he passed away in 1989. To the best of my knowledge, they had been my Nanny’s, who passed away in 1976. I’m not sure I ever saw them before I got them from their house, so they must have been reserved for special occasions even though they are not crystal. My grandparents were frugal people and their set of six were probably the only matching glasses they owned, so saving them for company and special occasions makes sense.

When I began thrifting some years ago, I kept seeing them at amazing prices, and just couldn’t pass them up! I originally intended to stop after acquiring a dozen, but I just couldn’t help myself. What if one – or SOME of them got broken? If I picked up extras, I would be sure to always have plenty on hand.

Over the years, they’ve multiplied like bunnies! At last count, I had 31. 31!! And below are 26 of them:


No, the one in front isn’t dishwasher damaged – I’m thinking that must have come from the filter I used to try and make sure all the edges of the glasses showed up! But sadly, I do have one really badly-dishwasher-damaged one. Not pretty enough to photograph, but still holds a drink just as well as the others!

What do you NEVER leave behind?
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