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Music Monday – One Hit Wonders

Music Monday – One Hit Wonders

Today is a real treat over at Dolly’s; the theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is “One Hit Wonders from when you were in High School”.

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I was in high school from the mid-to-late ’80s, and there was no shortage of one-hit wonders during that time. But for me, Hair Metal was king. While I’m taking creative liberties here, I’m not really sure they can be called one-hit wonders. For one thing, these weren’t mainstream hits. The videos were probably only ever seen on Headbanger’s Ball. And these may not be their only “hits” – meaning, the bands may have had more songs, but songs that were mainly popular among Hair Metal fans. And what’s worse is that all my truly favorite Hair Metal one-hit wonders came out in ’89 or later, the year following my high school graduation.

But I managed to find a few from my high school years, and here they are…

Song(s) For Monday:

Autograph – “Turn Up The Radio”

Yngwie J. Malmsteen – “Heaven Tonight”

Lillian Axe – “Dream of a Lifetime”

Manowar – “Blow Your Speakers”

This was harder than I thought! What are some of your favorite one-hit wonders of your high school years?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Randomness

Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Randomness

…may very well spell the end of NaBloPoMo for me before all is said and done.

Tuesdays, because it’s This Is Us night, and I have to block off a period of time to watch, cry, and then go discuss it on Facebook with other like-minded individuals who also block off part of the night to watch, cry, and go discuss it on Facebook. Wednesdays, because that is the day of my double shift at work, and the last thing I want to do is get near a computer. Which means Thursdays don’t really look so good, either, because that’s the morning after my double when I contemplate staying in bed all day, but actually only stay in bed until I barely have time to get dressed for work. I’m working on getting better, but I haven’t yet found anything that will get me moving any faster than the threat of losing my job if I don’t go back.

Today is super special, because this guy (who, at the time of this photo, had just finished unraveling and stuffing almost an entire roll of toilet tissue into his Grandmother’s toilet – but at least he didn’t flush?)…

…has grown into this hirsute (and mighty handsome, if I do say so myself) 25 YEAR OLD!

I have no idea where the past 25 years have gone, and it seems impossible that I’m old enough to have one this age. But I am so proud of the man he is becoming, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my first born.

And on that note, I need to conclude this Tuesday randomness so I don’t break my posting every day streak.

Song For Tuesday – Blind Faith, “Can’t Find My Way Home”
As heard at the close of This Is Us, Season 1, Episode 2.

Song for Saturday

Song for Saturday

So my original plan was to spend this weekend getting caught up on all the NaBloPoMo posts, and reading other blogs, and getting a jump start on future posts for myself.

Anyone who knows me probably already knows how that went! In my defense, my house was really messed up, so I’ve been cleaning off and on all day. Also, I just got into How I Met Your Mother, and I’ve been marathoning that all day.

Which brings me to this point: the evening almost being over, and me squeezing a post in 15 minutes before midnight. Forget that glass slipper and RUN!, Cinderella! Don’t miss your coach before it turns back into a pumpkin! Or…streamline and compose a few thoughts before midnight so you won’t break your NaBloPoMo streak. And…an epiphany of sorts.

When I started this blog, I hoped to be able to truly combine all my favorite things: vintage stuff, books, music, making stuff, doing things around the house, chronicling my attempts to better my health (physically, mentally, and financially), and documenting my travels as well as exploration of local establishments and events.

So far, I’ve gotten a few book reviews and some info on vintage dishes posted, and that’s pretty much it. But I was thinking the one constant I could bring to the blog is to share a song with each post. New or old, country, rock, or something else…none of that really matters. I’m just always listening to music, so it only makes sense that I post about it regularly. If I’m cleaning house or cooking, I have a playlist. If I’m making things, I have a playlist. If I’m happy, there’s a song. If I’m sad, there’s a song. You get the picture.

So today’s song is a cover, by a favorite band, of a favorite song by another favorite band. I took the photo above last night as some fog was rolling in. The moon, the fog, and the atmosphere reminded me of Pink Floyd. Surrealish sky/space scenes always do. Anyway, I thought it would be a good time to pass along Avenged Sevenfold‘s cover of “Wish You Were Here” because a) we all know I love a good cover, and b) I think A7X have managed to do justice to the song while still maintaining their own sound.

Participating in…

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten Years Ago Today

On this day exactly ten years ago, I was on my way to what would be a life-changing event for me. I had been to many concerts before (even some Type O Negative shows), but this one was special. I’ve even been lucky enough to hang out backstage at a few, watch sound check at a few, and meet the bands at a few, but this one was special. It wasn’t even because they were my very favorite band at the time. But this one, for me, was strange magic.

“Music is the strongest form of magic”
-Marilyn Manson

I got up early in the morning, got my kids off to school, got myself ready, and drove to Birmingham. There, I met up with my friend S, another music fan in the area whom I’d recently gotten to know. We bonded over a shared love of certain bands, our dogs, weird stuff, and tendencies to keep to ourselves.

From there, she drove us to Atlanta, where we planned to spend the day near the venue until showtime. Only, we actually ended up spending the day inside the venue thanks to a connection of hers. This was a good thing, as it had started raining during the day.

We got to meet people, watch sound and lighting set up, watch several sound checks, and (this is very important!) grab two really sweet spots along the guard rail before others started trickling in. I think this must have been the first time since I was a teenager that I actually got to be inside a venue for sound check, and certainly the first time in as many years that I got to be front and center along the security barricade for a major show.

Of course, all the bands were fantastic. Halloween was definitely in the air, as was a full moon. This was one of those shows that only happens to me every now and then – where everything was just perfection, and I’m not talking about just the show itself. I’m talking about the imperceptible (at the time) event that changed me. I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. What can I say? This happened at a time when I desperately needed something good to happen. (and this is the show that not only re-ignited my love of live music, but changed my attitude and how I handled my life from there on out.) I was so excited that I wasn’t even tired after getting home at 5 the next morning – yep, there once was a time when I went to another city for a show, and drove directly back home afterwards. I’m not sure I could do that now!

Sadly, The Masquerade is no longer in the building this (and many other awesome shows) took place in. Peter Steele of Type O Negative (RIP!) is no longer with us. I am especially thankful I got to have this experience. I only wish I had taken lots of pics – unfortunately, I was unsure of the band/venue’s photo policy, so I opted not to take any.

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience something similar, what was the show that was magical for you? How did it change you?