ReInVintaged Goods on Etsy
Established: 2015
Shop Status: Inactive/Rebranding
Stocked/Updated: Infrequently; whenever goods are finished.
Selling: A truly eclectic mix of upcycled/repurposed, rescued, or otherwise re-invented vintage and vintage-inspired goods for both home and wardrobe…

ReInVintaged = Vintage (or vintage-inspired) + repurposed/upcycled, refreshed, or otherwise re-invented.

I started ReInVintaged Goods in 2015 to purge my home of some beloved vintage housewares that I no longer used. During my purge, I discovered a lot of damaged dishes that were fine for me, but I didn’t feel right selling. The idea to use the broken/damaged/cracked dishes and turn them into something pretty and/or functional again really spoke to my love of upcycling, and the idea was always for ReInVintaged Goods to eventually sell upcycled vintage goods and vintage-inspired upcycled treasures made from a wide range of items to accomodate a broad range of styles, along with the vintage items.

The “creating” part never happened, so in 2016 I created Ghost Rain Vintage to focus solely on vintage resale.

ReInVintaged Goods will be updated as projects are completed, so be sure to add it to your favorite Etsy shops!