Music Monday for 05.13.2019

Hello, May!

Wow, how is it the fifth month of the year already? Soon, it’ll be SUMMER! And while I still haven’t managed to trade my Subaru in yet (have I discussed this before? I feel like I may have, but maybe didn’t discuss it in depth, at least not here on the blog), the a/c in it DOES work, and I am just so thankful to have it. I’m still no closer to deciding what I want, but I need to make a decision and get the ball rolling soon-ish.

Due to being simply overwhelmed last week, I didn’t manage to get a Music Monday post up. But if you follow along at Dolly’s or Cathy’s, the theme this week is “Body Parts Song Titles”.

There are so, so many body part song titles out there – here are just a few of mine! As always, pick one (or more), or just skim the list to see if there’s something there you might like. In the past when I’ve posted multiple songs, people have felt the need to tell me they couldn’t possibly listen to them all, even though I don’t expect anyone to listen to a huge list. No need to be overwhelmed, just skim through the list and see if there’s anything you want to hear. If not, it’s so easy to move on. But of course, I love them all…

Nine Inch Nails – “Head Like A Hole”

The Rolling Stones – “Under My Thumb”

Peter Gabriel – “In Your Eyes”

Bush – “Mouth”

Soundgarden – “Burden In My Hand”

Happy week, people! Today is my seventh day of a twelve day stretch at work. #getmoneybitch #cantknockthehustle

Music Monday for 05.13.2019
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