Music Monday for 04.29.2019

Hey, y’all! I’ve had an amazingly productive weekend, and for that I am so thankful. Usually it’s the opposite, and I have to really motivate myself to get going and do the things I enjoy once I get started, but often find that hard without a little musical motivation.

And on that note, this is my last round as co-host for Monday’s Music Moves Me, as April is coming to a close. The theme this week just happens to be “Motivation Monday”. Songs that inspire you to get going, whether its exercise, housework, writing, running errands – anything that you have trouble getting started and or keeping going, really. I’m personally bad about just selecting “random” on my phone and trying to go with that, then endlessly pushing the “next” button till something I’m a little more in the mood for comes on. I am trying to break myself of that, though, since pushing the “next” button takes up time that I need to be spending doing other things! The things that I mainly need motivation for (besides writing/blogging) are housework and working out. I have two separate lists for both.

For housework, keeping the pace on a pretty even keel seems to work best. Something that doesn’t make me think too much, but is enjoyable enough to keep me focused on the tasks at hand. I’m only posting one video from my list, but I’ll list the other songs below it. Just this week, I cleaned house while listening to:

Blues Traveler – “Hook”

The entire list:

  • Blues Traveler – “Hook”
  • Tonic – “You Wanted More”
  • Garth Brooks – “Two Pina Coladas”
  • Mott The Hoople – “Sweet Jane”
  • Grateful Dead – “Casey Jones”
  • Social Distortion – “Ball and Chain”
  • The White Stripes – “Ball and Biscuit”
  • Sheryl Crow – “Every Day Is A Winding Road
  • The Cars – “Moving In Stereo”

If it seems pretty random, that’s because it is. It’s just what popped up on random with only a few skips here and there. And for what it’s worth, I have also worked out with every one of these songs, as my workouts with music mainly consist of walking. As for my walking, I try to do different paces to build endurance. Some selections are for casual walking, and others are to amp up the energy level for a brisker pace. My first song is usually something that is somewhere in between, if not slow. Just like before, I’m only posting one video, but I’ll be doing a list of ten below it. And this changes constantly, but the element all my “walking” songs have in common is that they take me to another place. I like to zone out while I’m walking, if I’m in a safe place to do so.

Rush – “Red Barchetta”

  • Rush – “Red Barchetta”
  • Thirty Seconds To Mars – “From Yesterday”
  • Kenny Chesney – “Living In Fast Forward”
  • Scorpions – “No One Like You”
  • Journey – “Feeling’ That Way”
  • My Chemical Romance – “Bulletproof Heart”
  • Chevelle – “Face To The Floor”
  • Veruca Salt – “Volcano Girls”
  • Slipknot – “Surfacing”
  • Little Big Town – “Pontoon”

I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to head to Cathy’s or Dolly’s to find out what music motivates others, and maybe even share some of your own!

Music Monday for 04.29.2019
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4 thoughts on “Music Monday for 04.29.2019

  • April 29, 2019 at 7:09 AM


    It’s been great fun having you as this month’s 4M co-host. You ended April on a high note with motivational song picks that really get ya to movin’! I’d be afraid to listen to mewsic while outdoors walking. I might hear a barking dog ready to strike or worse wander into traffic. I don’t even like talking on the phone if I’m walking along the road. It’s too distracting. Be safe on your walks with your tunes engaged. Great playset. Have boogietastic week, my friend!!

  • April 29, 2019 at 9:22 AM

    Love your song choices- You have one of my favorite bands, Rush. Thanks for hosting this month. You did a great job.

  • April 29, 2019 at 9:41 AM

    I tried something like this once, and I think it fell on its face. You did a much better job than I did! Great set!

  • May 5, 2019 at 7:04 PM

    Thank y6ou for being such a stellar co-hostess for April! Loved your theme choices – you’ve been fun to dance with! 😉 Also love your motivational song choices, too – you have me dancing in my seat! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂


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