Writer’s Workshop for 02.21.2019

Where did February go? I can’t believe there’s only another week left of it. I promise I’m not wishing my life away here, but I am more than ready for spring. If February has been any indication, we’re in for a rainy, stormy one. That doesn’t bother me one bit, as I love rain and storms! But I confess even I would love some dry weather here soon. My yard is a swamp, and with several other drivers here in the driveway, the yard is where I park my car. Needless to say, I’m going to have to have gravel dumped where I park….if it will stop raining long enough!

Anyway, the prompt I chose for Writer’s Workshop this week has absolutely nothing to do with the weather. I chose: List your top 8 favorite candies.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Confession time: I actually don’t eat candy all that often. I prefer – and eat – crunchy, savory snacks way more than candy. But as a child, one of my favorite things to do was walk with my best friend to the corner store in our tiny little hometown and buy a piece of candy. Sometimes it was chocolate. Sometimes it was fruity flavored goodies. And sometimes (and these didn’t come from the corner store) it was special occasion candy. Naturally, that was, and still is, my favorite.

Here’s my list…some of these are no longer around today, and sometimes I can find some of these in little rural mom-and-pop type convenience stores. I love getting hit with a little wave of nostalgia when I spot a childhood favorite that I thought was long gone, but was actually just bypassed by corporate big box stores. (Or maybe the candy has been on the shelf since the 70s-80s when I last remember them sold? Oh goodness, I hope not!)

  1. SweeTarts
    I like both the original roll, and the big, chewy ones. Not the ropes and gummies. I don’t know what it is about them, but man, do I love those slightly tangy, sweet, chalky bits of perfection. And who wouldn’t want to ruin dental work (true story!) on those big, chewy ones? Those were like jawbreakers you could get your teeth stuck in.
  2. Skittles
    Like SweeTarts, but tangier and softer.
  3. Fun Dip
    A stick of hard sugar that you lick and dip in colored granulated sugar, then eat? This stuff was like speed to me. And for times when you wanted to just bypass the stick altogether and directly guzzle the sugar down? You have Pixy Stix.
  4. Atomic Fireballs
    My bestie and I used to see who could go the longest before having to remove the infernal ball of cinnamon deliciousness. It was always her. I could only go so long before my nose started running and my eyes started watering. And even though I couldn’t feel my tongue for a few hours after eating one, that never stopped me from having more!
  5. Slo-Poke
    My Mom once told me she really needed to get the house clean, so she sat me, a not-quite toddler at the time, in my swing and handed me a Slo-Poke sucker. She said it kept me happy and entertained and that I virtually covered myself in it, and this allowed her to get her housework done in peace. Of course, after all that housework she then had to clean my swing and bathe all the sugar off me. It was my first sugar scrub!
  6. Marathon Bar
    If you are so inclined, you can read the description provided by the post I linked to at Bulk Candy Store, but to save time I’ll just tell you that these were simply the best. And it’s a shame they are no longer made.
  7. Stuckey’s Divinity
    This was definitely a special occasion candy for me. I know I can buy Divinity now, or even make some myself. But my favorite was always from a place called Stuckey’s, little roadside stop-offs along the highway where you could by t-shirts, caps, and other state souvenirs, eat, get gas, and get their delicious Divinity. We didn’t do much traveling when I was younger, but my Aunt Sarah, who was in the Army, did. And she’d always bring me a package of Stuckey’s Divinity when she’d come home to visit. Apparently, there are still Stuckey’s stores in a few locations (one of them isn’t even too far from me!), but they’ve mostly been over-run by Luby’s and Love’s and the like. The last time I ate Stuckey’s Divinity was in 1996 when I went on a business trip with the bank I worked for. There was still a Stuckey’s store in Mississippi, where I was living at the time, and we just happened to stop there.
  8. Pangburn’s Millionaires
    Like Turtles, but somehow better. This was my special occasion candy, whereas Turtles were a common item. To be fair, they are my favorite of the two because I used to get small heart-shaped boxes of them for Valentine’s Day when I was little. I haven’t had them in a while, but if I remember correctly, they tasted slightly better than Turtles.
  9. BONUS: Honorable Mentions
    I didn’t include them on my list, but here are two more candies that I really love: The Cadbury Creme Egg and those orange-and-black-wrapped peanut butter chews you always find around Halloween. They are actually bigger-sized Mary Jane candies, but those aren’t found just everywhere, anytime, either.

What are YOUR favorite candies – from childhood or otherwise? Share them with me in the comments. Stay sweet, y’all!

Writer’s Workshop for 02.21.2019

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop for 02.21.2019

  • February 24, 2019 at 3:40 PM


    You listed a fine number of confections that I enjoy with the exception of Sweet Tarts. Although, I ate them as a kid that wouldn’t be my first pick today. Do you remember Willy Wonka’s Wacky Wafers? I liked those far better than Sweet Tarts. They were more fruity tasting. Unfortunately, that candy disappeared years ago. I believe Nestle now owns the company. They really should reintroduce it to the market for a whole new generation (and the older one) to enjoy. The Necco Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses are one of my favorites, too. I tried finding those locally every Halloween but they’re just not putting that product in stores. I did find another brand but it wasn’t nearly as good as the Mary Janes PB Kisses. My overall favorite candy bar is Recess’ Cups either in milk or white chocolate – both are fabulous! I may use this prompt in the future for a random post. Now I want some chocolate. You’re so bad to do that to me, girl!

    PS: Did I ever answer your question about the A2Z Challenge? I have their new button in my side menu at the top. All you need to do is click on it and it’ll take you to their site.

    • February 24, 2019 at 7:24 PM

      I think you did answer the A2Z questions, because I went to their website. It seems doable, especially if I get a head start, like…NOW! It’s not

      I haven’t seen the Mary Jane’s Kisses in many years, but I remember Target carrying some about ten years ago. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Mary Jane brand, but these were still pretty good, so I was happy. Amazing that stores still carry Mallowcreme Pumpkins and Candy Corn, but not the Peanut Butter kisses! Peanut Butter Cups ARE fantastic, though, and I have those about once a week. That or a Butterfinger!

  • February 24, 2019 at 4:49 PM

    When I think of candies, I immediately think of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Second on my list would be Mr. Goodbar and third, M&M’s (either regular or peanut). And then there are a couple of New York State regional favorites – one is sponge candy, which is popular in the area around Buffalo and also Erie, PA. The other is from Syracuse, and are “chocolate wings”: a large ruffled potato chip with peanut butter, covered in either milk or dark chocolate. I remember Stucky’s, too – at one time they seemed to be everywhere down South. How about Bonamo Turkish Taffy? It’s making a comeback, but my teeth are too old to dare eat one!

    • February 24, 2019 at 7:27 PM

      I have never been a big fan of taffy, mostly because I don’t eat much fruity candy. I do still enjoy SweeTarts or Skittles from time to time, but the rest of those candies are mostly from (and left behind in) my youth. Obviously, we don’t regularly sell chocolate wings here, but from time to time a local confectionary will make them. And around the holidays, Target sells name brand chocolate covered potato chips. Not the same, I know but I bet they would be good homemade!

  • February 25, 2019 at 10:26 AM

    Fun list here. I don’t remember SweeTarts coming in a roll, but then I think I’m thinking of another candy, one that was like SweeTarts but turned into gum when you chewed them.

    I can honestly say I don’t remember Fun Dip. A block of sugar you dip in colored sugar and eat? That’ll get your blood pumpin’…

    Atomic Fireballs were the brainchild of Ferrara Pan Candy in Forest Park, Illinois (just outside Chicago). They had all kinds of pan candies (candy that’s prepared in something that looks like a cement mixer) like Lemonheads and Boston Baked Beans. Great stuff.

    In Chicago, Turtles were called Pixies and made by Fanny May Candy. Great stuff.

    Remember Bit-O-Honey? Like Mary Janes, I think they’re only produced around Hallowe’en in “fun size.”
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