That’s a great idea! (or eleven)

Greetings, people of 2019! Wow. It’s the end of January, and this is the first post I’ve made this year. I guess a bit of a recap of 2018 is in order: it wasn’t the worst, but it was far, far from the best. It was mostly an uncomfortable, sometimes dramatic, and most definitely stressful year. I wasn’t unhappy to see it go.

2019, however, is off to a pretty busy start! I’ve been taking care of myself and my family and really making a dent in the state of things in my home. I updated my blog design. And I finally got to buy a new (to me) car:

(Be sure to refresh the page if the image doesn’t show up. I really want to show off my cute car!)

I have since dubbed this car “Ruby Jean” (or Miss Ruby. or just Ruby), and have really enjoyed driving it! I’ve taken it to see my out of state family once already, with plans to go back again this weekend. And I’ve really enjoyed having heat again, especially with the cold temps brought about by the snow that Alabama did not get.

Mama’s Losin’ It

I really need to keep this momentum and the good vibes associated with it going, and one of the prompts from Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop this week is A list of 11 ideas to make this your best year yet. What a perfect prompt for thinking about the things I need to do to have at least a better year than last year. Because this is the year I get my shit together, even if it kills me! So here they are! You know, the ideas.

  1. More reading. I love reading, whether it’s blogs, books, or magazines. I plan to review more ARCs than ever this year, in addition to my TBR list. And blogs…I really, really want to find more connections out here in the blogiverse. With social media getting all the love these past few years, I feel almost like bloggers are a secret society or something. But I know my people are out there…somewhere…and I intend to find them!
  2. More writing. I really do need to try to make the most of this little space of mine. I tried building a brand. I tried finding a niche. I tried monetizing. I’ve realized that I’m not suited to any of those things – at least not yet. So I’m going to try just writing for myself again. It worked for me once; maybe it will again.
  3. More music. Listening to it. Blogging about it. Seeing more shows. Music has always been such a huge part of my life, and I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of my favorite musicians and bands perform over the years. Then for various reasons, I got out of that. But this year? I’m feeling the familiar stir of excitement over upcoming concerts, and I will be making more of an effort to indulge as often as I can afford it. It’s therapy, in a way. And this had better be the year I get to see Chris Stapleton live. He’s coming to Huntsville in August, and this needs to happen!
  4. More travel. I’m not much of a traveler. I do love road trips to places that are fairly close. But I haven’t had a real vacation in a dozen years, and I’m itching to take off for some familiar locales as well as places unknown.
  5. Gratitude journaling. I’ve never been without plenty to be thankful for, but admit being mindfully thankful has gotten lost in the chaos of everyday life, and the stresses that take away from that happiness. So I saw the jar meme going around Facebook, where every day you write something good that happened that day on a slip of paper, which goes into a jar to be revisited at the end of the year so you are aware of all the good things that have happened during that year. A jar might get away from me, but writing things down, gratitude journal style, will be more efficient for me.
  6. Get outside my comfort zone. I want to learn to do some new things. I want to brave social situations and meet new people locally.
  7. Explore all my city has to offer. This goes hand in hand with getting outside my comfort zone, but it’s just a different context. I actually already made a pretty embarrassing attempt at this once already. But not enough to deter me. There’s always goat yoga, and I’m sure I can find a way to make that awkward as hell, too!
  8. Take care of my mind. Self-care is more important than ever to me for being able to keep a clear head when things get chaotic and stressful. Prayer, intention rituals, and focused meditation are all tools I will be implementing more in the coming days. I hope to be more calm and have more peace and hope and good this year!
  9. Take care of my body. This one’s going to be harder. I am doing the best I can with making better food choices right now, but I definitely need to add more physical activities to my daily routine.
  10. Take care of my finances. I finally am caught up on everything and have been very conservative with what I’ve had to work with.
  11. And lastly…Letting go. Like many people I know, I got really caught up in Marie Kondo’s Netflix Special, “Tidying Up”. It was so inspirational to me that I have decided to do something unprecedented for me: I’ll be re-donating and giving a LOT of my vintage treasures away. Yes, even some things I bought to sell in my Etsy shop. But I got a lot of use out of my stuff over the years, and it’s time for most of it to be re-homed and loved again by new people! And I will still have plenty of stuff left to sell and enjoy for myself.

What will YOU be doing this year to have your best year yet?

Be sure to head over to Mama Kat’s to participate in the Writer’s Workshop, or read the post from the other participants!

That’s a great idea! (or eleven)

5 thoughts on “That’s a great idea! (or eleven)

  • January 31, 2019 at 11:32 AM


    I’m with you on seeing the old out and the new year in. I’m looking forward to pAwesome 2019. I want to finally see some of our goals reached. You can’t go wrong with adding more mewsic to your life and keeping a gratitude journal. The latter helps to keep you focused and thankful for all things. We’re blessed more than we know so it’s good to see the small right in there with the big presents that God gives us. Nice blog layout – very clean and sleek. I hope you’re able to boogie more on the dance floor with the 4M gang. Grab Monday’s theme from my side menu and dance with us! Have a good weekend, my friend!

  • February 1, 2019 at 12:40 AM

    Your goals are so inspiring!! Blogging really has become a little secret society and I’m glad to be a part of it. 🙂

  • February 1, 2019 at 7:38 AM

    I love this post so much! I deactivated my FB for a month long hiatus in February so I can focus on reading, writing, blogging, podcast listening, petting the dogs, hugging the hubs, and just kicking around with my good friends. I am 4 months away from retirement and it is all I can think about. Raising my coffee cup to you and your great ideas! Susan

  • February 1, 2019 at 4:45 PM

    I had a friend in the Air Force years ago who always named her cars. I think red inspires naming. The last car I called a name was my Saturn Coupe that was bright red, whom I called “Miss Scarlet” (Like from Clue). Hubby just referred to his Saturn sedan as “Silver” since it was a silvery grey. We have two Kia’s now, but don’t call them anything. Maybe it’s because they’re both just gray.


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