The Infamous Deserted Island

I decided to try a creative writing prompt from The SITS Girls for today’s post, since I think by now we’re probably all in need of at least a little escapism!

Imagine you are lost on a deserted island, or in an unexplored forest. What would you see and do?

Ah, the infamous deserted island. Haven’t we all wished we’d wash up on one at one point or another?

I’d like to think I’d do well with this. I’d go in search of big leaves with which to build my shelter. I’d search for sticks to rub together for fire (and hope like hell I could start one!) and some sort of pot to boil water. I’d set up a runoff system to collect rainwater for drinking and I’d forage for nuts and fruits, and might even try my hand at spearing a fish every now and then. I’d find some kind of way to set up a distillery, or at least a way to ferment fruit for alcohol, so I could make pina coladas. I’d explore my island, just to see what I could find and make use of. I’d spend hours listening to the ocean’s waves crash over the sand, and stare at the vast expanse of space and stars above at night.

But mostly?

I’d be crying and praying daily for rescue. And I wouldn’t complain if this man rescued me…

I see that there is snow and ice in this water, but he’s Aquaman. I know nothing about Aquaman, but I’m sure water of any temperature is no challenge. My deserted island has to be tropical! If I’m on a polar ice cap, I die. Plain and simple. But getting back to my rescue…

If he’s there, then I’m not leaving. Nuh-uh.


Since I grew up with a lot of wooded acreage that I explored daily and have an exceptionally good sense of direction, I’d also like to think I’d do well lost in the forest. But this time, maybe I could luck out and find an unoccupied cave for shelter, so I wouldn’t have to build one out of leaves like I’d have to do on a deserted island. I could decorate it with crafts made from tree branches, and keep it smelling fresh with pinecones, cedar cuttings, wild herbs, and more! I’d also have to rig the thing up with all kinds of booby traps, because you know it’s not safe for a woman alone in the woods. Hopefully there’s a clearwater stream somewhere in this forest, because I really don’t want to have to lick dew off leaves to try to stay hydrated! I’d still be foraging for nuts and I guess berries? I don’t know if I have it in me to kill an animal. It would break my heart to have to do that for food and possibly warmer clothing.

Yep, I’d definitely need to be rescued from the woods as well. (Well, I wouldn’t, because most likely I could find my way out unless it’s the Pine Barrens of New Jersey or something like that! But theoretically speaking, let’s see about getting me out of here.)

And who better to rescue me than him? Because you know he knows his way through and around a forest…


But just like the deserted island scenario – if he’s there, why bother leaving?

So what about YOU? What would you do if you found yourself lost on a deserted island or in the forest?


  • Wow. You’re like some sort of survivor woman. Seriously. I’ve watched every single season of Survivor and that’s exactly WHY I know I’d fail miserably at that game or at trying to fend for myself on a deserted island or in a forest. I’d basically curl up in a ball and probably cry most of the time. Not even kidding.

    • I’ve never watched any of the Survivor shows, but I probably should. I only know of a few things to do to try to survive in certain situations, and I’m honestly not sure if I could pull any of them off. Like, I know I need fire. I know I need two sticks. I know I need to rub them together. But some other magic has to make the fire spark, and I’m not sure if I have that!

  • Me? I’d think I had died and gone to heaven. No more traffic or phones or Walmart. Would I starve and die? Probably. I could see myself eating tree fungus and poisoning myself royally. Hopefully, though, I’d be lucky enough to catch a psychedelic beforehand so I wouldn’t even care about my impending doom. But it would be quiet and relatively peaceful, and possibly groovy, for sure.

    • I know, right? My first response would be “mmmm, tropical vacation.” And luckily I enjoy my own company, so I really wouldn’t be too troubled by being alone. I never even thought about hunting for psychedelics. They’d probably make me wander into the water and try to hug & pet sharks.

  • Hahaha! I would never survive unless Jason Momoa or someone came to save me. Seriously. All that stuff you said you’d do? I’d be LOST. But I do like the mindset of having a beautiful man rescue me. I’m not usually into a damsel in distress kinda thing, but in this situation? I’d be in serious trouble!!

    • I don’t think I would survive, either, to be honest. I have asthma and without that inhaler I seriously wouldn’t last long. It’s funny, I know some of the things to do to survive, but whether or not I could actually pull them off is another thing entirely. All I know is if Jason Momoa (or reasonably believable lookalike) shows up, we ain’t leaving!

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