Music Monday for 11.05.2018: Unconventional Duets

Hello Music Monday-ers, 4M-ers, and NaBloPoMo-ers! Mondays over here are always reserved for music, and this Monday is no exception. Over at Dolly’s “Monday’s Music Moves Me”, Stacy from Stacy Uncorked is the honorary conductor on that party train, and the theme for this week is “Unconventional Duets – example: Country-Pop Crossover duets or duets by artists from different genres you wouldn’t expect to collaborate together, etc.”

I’m taking it way, way back – all the way back to the mid-80s for my unconventional duet. I would never have expected these two artists to collaborate, let alone for it to sound so good. And I spent many teenage summer nights dancing to this song because it’s just so catchy!

Here’s Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger with “State of Shock”

What’s YOUR favorite unconventional duet?


  • I’m not sure who my favorite duet is, but I do love a good Michael Jackson song – anything he sang.

    • There really weren’t many people (actually any that I know of) he couldn’t successfully collaborate with. I mean, his guitar player was also Billy Idol’s guitar player….

  • Wow! This is one that I had completely forgotten about. Fun song!

  • 80’s sure had some awesome music, and this one is no exception! 🙂 Thanks for the dance! Hope you have an awesome week! 🙂

  • I’m in a state of shock, because I never, ever heard this on the rock station I used to listen to in 1984 (northwest Arkansas). Where were they? It’s danceable, it’s Michael Jackson. His music really comes through on this – it’s his.

    • LOL, I see what you did there, Alana! I never actually heard it on our rock station, either. I always heard it on the hip-hop/urban stations, though!

  • Okay, I don’t think I ever heard this song before… wow!!! MJ Must have been very young here… his voice sounds very young including Jagger. Nope never heard this one.. it’s really different I must say!!! bwahahahahaha Thanks for the boogie girlfriend. You have rocked the roof off for sure!

  • Oh, wow. I love(d) Michael Jackson, but I don’t remember these two collaborating. Definitely an interesting duet!

    • For Michael Jackson, I guess it wasn’t one of his better-known songs. I was saying in response to someone else’s comment that I never heard it on our rock station. But I never heard it on our pop/hits station, either. Just on the hip-hop/urban scene station.

  • Kim,

    Holy Moly, how on earth did I not think of this one!!! Furtastic job! WOW, this one brings back some good vibes! The 80s really had some great mewsic!

    In regard to Cathy Chats, you can find it at the very top of my blog just above my header on the left. I think it’s a little hard to find and I may move but I haven’t done any new topics lately. Hopefully, I can get back on that asap. I appreciate the interest, though. 😉

    Thanks for boogieing with me.

    • The 80s had some greats, that’s for sure!

      I found the Cathy Chats link; I will have to come back to read your post and see what you’re up to and what we can chat about!

  • Oh my I’ve not heard this one before! I would not have known.
    Thanks for the dance!

  • Hey Kim,
    I missed your post last week. It was a crazy week and I didn’t start really making the rounds until the weekend and then I thought I had hit everybody and later I looked at the participant list and realized I hadn’t made it over here. I’m sooo glad I did! This is one awesome song!!!
    Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger?? How very cool! I never heard this song.
    It’s making me move…and I was just ready to go to bed! I’ll have to put that off for a little bit.
    This song is kickass!
    Thanks for the introduction to it.

    I’m taking a break from blogging for the rest of the year, except for my one last Battle of the Bands on the 15th. I hope to stop by and visit but if I don’t just know I’m really in need of a break… It’s been a really long year….I can’t wait til it’s over!

    talk soon. Hope to see you tomorrow for the final round in my battle of the sexes…

    Michele at Angels Bark

    • I will definitely stop by! Thank you for stopping by my place. I have been taking involuntary breaks since October and now NaBloPoMo is out the window as well. I understand the need for a break! My breaks just caused a lot of lost time and work on m part. Ugh. Glad you liked the song!

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