Rocktober MusicFest for 10.9.2018

Well, I didn’t think I had it in me to do this post today, but just look at me now, doing just that!

For some reason this year has me really, REALLY feeling nostalgic for that period of time when I was going to Atlanta what seemed like every other month for metal shows. I’m in a dry spell right now, no concerts of any kind recently, so that’s not really helping. That’s how it goes, though. I’ll have a good run for a year or two, then a dry spell for a while. I still went to tons of concerts, but different genres of music after a while. I know a lot has changed since then, but I sure do really miss those days!

Today’s selection for Mary’s Rocktober MusicFest over at Jingle Jangle Jungle is one of the many bands I traveled to see back in the day – they certainly didn’t come anywhere else near me that I know of – and one of my favorites to see live. So I really hope I get the opportunity to see them again someday.

Hope you like Black Metal!

Here’s Satyricon with “Black Crow on a Tombstone”.

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  • This is a new band for me, but so easy to listen to, wow, I like! Thanks for the introduction! šŸ™‚

  • Kim,

    Whew, Satryicon is a bit too heavy for me this early in the morning….maybe even after I have my 3rd cup of coffee. lol I just can’t get into metal mewsic. I do appreciate the exposure because that’s the only way I’m going to hear it is if someone introduces it to me. Thanks for sharing and have a rocktastic day!

    • Oh, they are definitely an acquired taste. Iā€™m definitely more into the musical stylings than the vocal style, but the two do work well together for this genre of music.

  • Interesting tune. A little heavy for my taste, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

  • I don’t know that I’ve heard these guys before. As far as the heaviness goes, they’re not so bad. I could listen to these guys – albeit not in large doses, but still tolerable. Thanks for the introduction. I think going to concerts every other month would be quite a bit of fun. It seems like forever since my last concert – Sept 2015 when I saw Foo Fighters. After that concert I felt I could die a happy person šŸ™‚

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