Music Monday: If You’re Happy and You Know It….

…clap your hands!

Michele Truhlik of Angels Bark has selected the themes for the month of October for Monday’s Music Moves Me over at Dolly’s This week’s theme is “songs with hand claps or finger snaps.” I am also doing something entirely new for the weekdays of October by participating in the Rocktober MusicFest being held by Mary of Jingle Jangle Jungle. Exciting, huh? What that means is today’s Music Monday post is pulling double duty!

I have come up with two selections, neither of which feature fingers snapping. But they do both feature hands clapping.

My first selection is a simple song (with some really good advice, by the way) performed by a legendary Delta bluesman and is the favorite song of one Jack White, a very talented and accomplished musician in his own right. If you’ve ever seen the music documentary It Might Get Loud, then you saw Jack White play this record and be moved to tears as he tells the viewer that this song moved him in a thousand different ways. It became his favorite song the first time he heard it around age 18, and it’s still his favorite all these years later. In fact, White was so profoundly inspired by this song that he performed it on tour with his band, The White Stripes. Here’s Son House with “Grinnin’ In Your Face”:

And now, for my rock selection for Rocktober MusicFest, is a song by a wildly successful rock band featuring one of the most talented vocalists of our time. They’re also the subject of the current biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen with “We Will Rock You”: (No “We Are The Champions” at the end. Sorry not sorry.)

If either of these musical blog hops sound like something you’d be interested in, click on the graphics to head over to the hosting blogs:


  • I LOVE IT! I was pulling my hair out trying to come up with something for this post Of course, long after I had come up with my selections and pre-written the post, that’s when I thought of Queen. That happens to me sometimes. So glad that you went with it.

    Thanks for playing along with my little #RocktoberMusicFest, too. I’ve been having a good time with it so far.

  • Kim,

    I appreciated the introduction of Son House “Grinnin’ In Your Face”. His style reminds me of some old timers from southern WV. I loved listening to his song but admit I had to look the lyrics up since I’m having trouble understanding words lately. You’re right House offers some good advice in this song in how folks will always talk about you and ready to crush you. True friends are hard to come by so it pays to keep those select few close. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me this morning, my friend. Have a hand-clapping, finger-snapping good time!

    • I get your comment about it reminding you of the old-time Southern WV music….I think bluegrass and blues are more alike than any other two kinds of music.

      You have a great week, too!

  • Most of the time, clean and simple, is best…and that is particularly true with the blues. Son House is just an awesome video and I can understand why another musician like Jack White was impressed and inspired by this song. Love it. Have a blessed week.

    • I can see why, too. There’s really nothing “right” with it except maybe the lyrics, but as a whole it’s perfect. A lot of people can’t see that.

      You have a blessed week yourself!

  • Very nice songs. Thanks for sharing them. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

  • Never heard the first tune, but that sure is a find, huh? Queen is always a favorite. Great job. Well, gotta keep movin’ so I can get to say hello to everyone then time to rest. Have a rockin’ week!

    • I had never heard it before seeing it in the documentary, but it is a great find, indeed. If it’s good enough for Jack White, it’s good enough for me!

  • Hey Kim!
    Great selection, your first song. Never heard of Son House and so glad for the introduction! His song is very powerful in its simplicity. The clapping carries the story along. It’s wonderful!

    And you just can’t go wrong with Queen. I used “Another One Bites the Dust” in my post. They had several songs that fit into the clappin’ snappin’ category.

    Thanks for playing along with my theme.
    Have yourself a fabulous week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  • That Son House song proves that simple is best, because the message of that song is 100% truth. And Queen…what can you say? Hope you had a rockfantastic week!

  • We Will Rock You is one of my all time favorites! I shoulda thought of that one! 🙂 Thanks so much for the dance! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend! 🙂

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