New Music for October

There’s so much great music coming out this month! So since this week is “freebie” week over at Dolly’s, on this Music Monday I picked songs from my favorite October album releases to share with you.

I’m starting with this band, whose Banditos tour is due to kick off in Nashville on Tuesday, the 16th. This is the fourth single (and my favorite of the songs I’ve heard thus far) from their latest release, Trench (release date: October 5):

Twenty One Pilots – “My Blood”

The album featuring my second selection is set to release on October 12. This sobering video features the names, birth dates, and death dates of some of the most recognizable victims of police brutality. There is profanity in the video as well. From the upcoming The Atlas Underground:

Tom Morello – “Rabbit’s Revenge” (featuring Bassnectar, Big Boi and Killer Mike)

This next selection is from my absolute favorite new rock band in…well, quite a few years! Still selling out arenas and still drawing comparisons to Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet are releasing their first full-length album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, on October 19. And one of these days, there WILL BE a post entirely about GVF and their sound and how they give me hope for rock and roll! In the meantime, here is the first release from Anthem. It’s been out a few months now, but there may be some of you who haven’t heard it yet, and it is definitely worth a listen. And I really like this video, because it’s like the video version of a fantasy scene painted on the side of a late 70s model van!

Greta Van Fleet – “When The Curtain Falls”

What new music are YOU excited about this month?


  • I was not familiar with Greta Van Fleet. They do sound like Led Zeppelin, very cool.

    • Right? I hear so many other influences, too, so I can’t wait to do my post on them – if I ever get around to it! I’m glad I was able to introduce you to some new music!

  • I have liked some Greta Van Fleet; they play it on the XM Octane channel but I just cannot get into 21 Pilots. I always think of a joke I heard somewhere: “What kind of plane needs 21 pilots??” LOL.

    • LOL, Twenty One Pilots are definitely not for everyone. I think their stuff is really catchy, and it’s a genre that’s doing really well right now. As for a plane needing that many? Nah. But maybe there’s a secret society of only twenty one pilots somewhere out there!

  • Hey Kim,
    Great selections here! I really like the first and the third ones. You’re right: Greta Van Fleet are very Zeppelin-y! I like it a lot! Thanks for the intro.
    And I also like “My Blood” – 21 Pilots has a really good rich sound.

    Thanks for stopping by my post supporting Mary’s Rocktober Music Fest. If you have a chance, please stop by my Monday’s Music Moves Me post from this week. It’s Part 2 in my series…

    Have a great weekend,
    Thanks again for the introductions!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  • The first time I heard Greta Van Fleet I was totally blown away, as was my husband (a huge Led Zeppelin fan). This video was the first time I saw the group and I called husband right over. I can not believe that voice coming out of that body. I am still amazed, several minutes later. It’s funny how you envision the people who go along with voices you hear when you are only familiar with the voice. The other two songs were OK but didn’t at all compare with Greta Van Fleet.

    • Oh, they look NOTHING like what I expected them to. Of course, aside from the looks themselves, I hadn’t expected them to be so young. Still babies – I think one of them is fresh out of high school! This band definitely has a solid future if they can keep producing stuff like this and their EPs.

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