Happy Fall, Y’all! Music & Randomness Abound.

I’m so happy it’s actually autumn now! And I’m glad to be reconnecting with Random Tuesday, as randomness is all I’ve got for ya so far this week. Therefore, I’ll be doing a bit of combining with this post.

Stacy Uncorked

First things first….I’ve been saying all summer that I needed a fresh start. And? The autumnal equinox brought it. It has been doing wonders for me thus far! Even though I may have (and by may have, I mean definitely) slept through our local Autumnal Equinox Sun Salutations on Saturday, everything else has been both restorative and energizing. I’ve been doing my fall cleaning/cleansing in preparation for getting my home physically and spiritually ready for a (hopefully) true rest this winter. I also managed to get my Etsy shop out of vacation mode (though there is still nothing listed there), and I gave the blog a bit of a makeover for autumn. Methinks the theme could still use some work, but I’m still calling this a win!

So….I never actually got my third entry in the lyrical challenge up. I hope I can get to that sometime this week! In the meantime, I missed Music Monday, so I’m going to just leave that right here in Tuesday’s post! The theme over at Dolly’s this week comes again courtesy of Cathy at Curious As A Cathy, and in honor of autumn, is “songs about what you like about autumn”.

In short, I like just about everything about autumn.

Here in the south, that means warm days and cooler nights turning into cooler days and chilly nights. I love the return of Fall TV! (Is anyone else pee-pants excited about This Is Us tonight?) I love the smell of dead leaves, bonfires, and a peaceful autumn rain. I love the days slowly getting shorter (I’ve always preferred moon & stars to sun, night to day, rain to sun – you get the picture. Plus driving with the sun directly in my eyes is NO FUN.) I love the aura of mystery as summer slowly slips away to make room for fiery autumn in her robust earthy and jewel tones. I also love the spookiness and fun of Halloween, and the gathering of loved ones and gratitude of Thanksgiving. The whole season has its own unique magic. And while this might not be a song about autumn, it always reminds me of the energy and magic in the air this time of year.

Electric Light Orchestra – “Strange Magic”

What are your favorite things about autumn? Which songs remind you of what you like about autumn?


  • Kim,

    I’m soooo happy that it’s now autumn, too. This week we’re under rain clouds and cooler weather. It’s rather refreshing after the heat & humidity but I know this will be short lived as we’re sure to get a temporary surge of summer trying to take one last stand before the season truly changes.

    I’m looking forward to the earthy jewel tones of fall, cooler days, and cooler nights still, wood fires burning, cinnamony-kissed baked goods, and cups of marshmallow laced hot chocolate. Mmm, mez want some now! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your third lyric challenge post. Excellent choice. Have randomtastic day! 😉

    • Oh, summer will absolutely come back for a few swings before going away for good….but its appearances will be fewer and farther between. We’re having a cloudy/rainy week, too, and I LOVE IT as there has also been wind and thunder! And slightly cooler temps, especially at night.

      I’ll be sure and try to get my last song lyric challenge done soon – I never expected it to take this long, but there’s always something that needs attending, and I found out the hard way that those types of posts and challenges require a little bit of thought and preparation – for me, at least.

      Have a great week!

  • While i find the cold painful, the break in the heat cannot come soon enough.

    It sounds like the cool has been giving you lots of energy!

    • Oh, it HAS! I, too, can not deal with the cold. I really dislike winter, and am glad to live where we actually don’t have bad winters at all. I do like getting a week of snow every now and then, though….there is something exciting about that even though I hate the cold that comes with it.

      I normally love summer, but this is the first summer I’ve had to drive a car without ac, and I am over it. Looks like I will be driving that same car for most of this winter (drove it all last winter) which means no heat. But at least I can wear layers during the winter, and my heated seat helps a lot! Hopefully I’ll be getting a more comfortable car after the first of the year!

  • We have had so much rain so far! Last night we had a mega downpour that left us with super chilly big sweater wearing weather – my kid throws on shorts and a t-shirt. He’s not giving up summer. HA! I am excited though to open up all the windows and finally let this air in! The transition always messes with my bones but I do take comfort in less humidity and the burst of colour.

    • Sounds like my sons! They’d have worn shorts and t-shirts all year round if I had let them. Now that they’re young adults they can do what they want, but they’ve discovered the benefits of weather- and seasonal-appropriate attire! I do love chilly, big sweater weather….but absolutely dread the cold, especially since I’m getting to where the changing seasons (and even changes in the weather in general!) affect me like I’ve never noticed before. I can not wait till I can open my windows and let all the stuffy air of the summer out! It’ll be a few more weeks yet, though. We’re still using our AC daily here – but hopefully not for much longer!

  • Hey, better late than never, right?!? Finally making my rounds for the week. I can barely believe that it will soon be October. I hope that you’ll join me in celebrating the month of Rock. We rebels need to stick together!

  • Kim,
    I feel a real kinship to you after reading this because I too prefer night to day and rain to sun! People always think me odd when I tell them that I really don’t like the sun. And on the too many days when it’s over 100 degrees here in Austin, I’m quite often saying “I hate this f***ing sun!!” haha
    Seriously though, I have always love the rain. And I’m most happy on dark dreary days. They do something to my soul. Hard to explain, especially I have found very few people that feel the same way so they don’t get how I can like cloudy dark days. Oh well.

    I also really dig your line, “I love the aura of mystery as summer slowly slips away to make room for fiery autumn in her robust earthy and jewel tones.” Nice!

    “Strange Magic” — awesome song!

    Happy Autumn! Have a great weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Thank you, Michele! I am definitely one of your people! I think I have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder – too much sun has literally made me grouchy. I try to love both, but dark and rain and storms make my weird soul so happy. Speaking of weird, I’m so jealous of you for living in Austin! I’ve never been, but I’ve been told that I would love it there!

  • What’s there not to like about autumn? (just that that first frost gets closer everyday where I live in the Northeast and so does winter). I love trees turning color, apples, winter squash. The concord grapes are ripe but I can’t go anywhere to get a grape pie (a regional specialty about 1 1/2 hours from where I live) this year, due to circumstances. But listening to ELO is perfect today. It’s been years since I’ve heard this song!

    • Grape pie? I have never heard of such a thing – I know you said it was a regional specialty and I’m sure that’s why. But what a delicious sounding oddity!

      I would love the Northeast three seasons out of the year, but I do not envy y’all your winters at all! I’d love to visit someplace snowy and wintry for about a week, just to get my fix. But some years, we get a decent snow for a few days down here. I love it because it’s so out of the ordinary for us that life as we know it comes to an abrupt stop, and we get to hunker down for a few days.

      Glad you enjoyed the song!

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