Music Monday for 09.10.2018

It’s Music Monday, and today’s theme over at Dolly’s is from Cathy of Curious As A Cathy, as she’s the honorary conductor aboard the music train this month – and it’s songs about being a grandparent or growing old.

Since I haven’t yet made it to grandmahood, I’ll be posting selections about growing old. And this week, I’ve got new wave and classic rock selections I hope you’ll enjoy!

Talking Heads – “Once In A Lifetime”
I remember being so enthralled by David Byrne’s weirdness!

Bog Seger – “Against The Wind”
I suppose this will make it onto a few lists and I usually try to steer clear of that, but not this time. Bob Seger was one of my Dad’s favorite musicians, and whenever I hear ANY song by Bob Seger (regardless of what the song is about) I always think of him and smile. I was around 9-10, he’d come get me on Friday evenings, and we’d listen to Against The Wind (the album). When I read that this week’s theme was about being a grandparent or growing old, I immediately thought of this song. And thought of my Dad, as I’ve been doing a lot lately. And smiled. And maybe cried a little bit, too.

What songs do YOU love about being a grandparent, or growing old?


  • Kim,

    Talking Heads is a group I don’t listen to often, except for when someone shares or I stumble across them on YT. There’s nothing wrong with repeating a song on the jukebox when dancing with the 4M gang, especially when it’s an old classic like “Against The Wind”. What a sweet memory you have tied to your dad in this song. Is he no longer with us? DH’s dad passed in March a little more than a week after his 95th birthday. He’s now enjoying life again with the love of his life in heaven. It’s been hard at times for DH accepting that his parents are not with us anymore. I sure do miss them a lot, too. They were pAwesome grandparents to our three kiddies, too. Thanks for sharing your mewsic picks and for boogieing with us today. Have a tunetastic week, my friend!

    • Thank you! I know there’s nothing wrong with choosing the same song, I just have my own thing where I try not to. Well, you know…until I do, anyway! My Dad passed in August of 2017. Cancer. Sorry your husband’s dad passed away as well. It’s never easy, no matter how much you’re expecting it or how long they’ve lived.

  • Bob Seegar & the Silver Bullet Band are among my all time favorite groups. I LOVE the greatest hits album and you have picked a truly classic to share with the group today. Thank you and have a very blessed week.

  • Beautiful songs. Thanks for sharing them. Really enjoyed them.

  • Hey Kim!

    Fancy seeing you here I really enjoyed your selections for today, especially Bob Seger.

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