Music Monday for the end of April 2018

It’s the end of April, and “April showers” was so very literal this month in my neck of the woods! Since the month is moving on out and hopefully we’re moving on to drier times punctuated by a few bursts of thunderstorms every now and then, I switched my header and a color or two out. I feel like the header has all my beloved outdoor elements: a body of water, storm clouds and rain, AND a fiery sunset. I find it sooting. The header color didn’t work so well anymore, though, so I gave it kind of a faded, nautical blue. I’m really digging it!

Not only did I switch out my site header, though, it’s also time for another Music Monday! This is a freebie week at Dolly’s, so be sure to head over there later and check out music from all the participants.

A while back I had to replace my laptop, and since then, I’ve been a busy little bee getting all my music from my old laptop that was physically on the hard drive (please tell me I got everything!) as well as adding my CDs. See, the old laptop didn’t have a CD player or a way to get my CD music onto it, and it replaced another laptop which I honestly can’t remember if that one had my CD music on it or not. But this Macbook has a CD/DVD drive, and now I can once again add my CDs to my computer. And don’t you worry, I am already adding THOSE files to jump drives just so I don’t have to go through all this again in the future. Hopefully this Macbook lasts me a good number of years yet, but I’m not taking any chances. I just don’t have the patience I used to with getting music transferred, and it ALWAYS requires manually uploading album artwork for at least some of the titles.

So…CDs. Most of mine came from the 1990s to the early-ish 2000s. As I was going through, I came across an Eve 6 CD. That’s a real head-scratcher, as I couldn’t remember why I have this CD. I mean, “Inside Out” was a pretty good song, a song that I even liked a lot for a while there. But I don’t buy CDs for only one song, no matter how much I love it or how big of a hit it is. I just don’t do that.

That got me thinking that it must have come as a monthly selection from either Columbia House or BMG. Some of you will fondly recall the golden years of being able to order 8-12 CDs for a penny, with the promise to order 12 more at full price over the course of two or so years. If you didn’t want the CD they sent you, you could return it to the company at no cost to you within a certain number of days, and I usually forgot to do that. I ended up with SO MANY CDs that I don’t really care that much about because of that! On the plus side, I always fulfilled my obligation pretty quick, and was then free to cancel my membership and sign up again in a few months for another 12 CDs for a penny.

::cue dramatic arm to forehead gesture::

Why, oh WHY isn’t there a similar service out there these days? I really want my (allowing for massive inflation) five mp3s for a dollar, with the promise to buy five more at full price over the course of the next year. Someone, anyone, get on that, STAT! I know there are mp3 subscriptions currently out there, but I don’t understand how they work, other than that you don’t get a lot for practically nothing, then buy a certain number at full price over a certain period of time. And that is what my brain is used to.

And in honor of the formerly mighty BMG and Columbia House Record & Tape Clubs, here’s the song from the CD that sent me down this nostalgic rabbit hole to begin with:

Eve 6 – “Inside Out”


  • Congrats on getting a new laptop… it’s always nice to get everything from the old one you really want, but yet you can pick and choose so not to clutter it up! Good luck with it and have fun. Thanks for the introduction to the tune… I like the kind that tells a story so to speak… Have a rockin’ week!

    • Thanks! I love it so far. I’ve had it for several months now, but just now getting around to getting all the stuff from my dying laptop on it. This one has a TB of RAM, so I am good on storage for a while, I hope!

      I love songs that tell a story!

  • Have fun with the new laptop. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week. Nice song.

  • Oh Man! I so miss those Columbia House and BMG days! I know I boosted both my CD and Cassette collection. Now if only I could find a decent device that doesn’t cost much to copy my cassettes to CD, I would be very happy. Enjoy that new laptop, and I sure do hope to see you re-joining the battles soon. I need a comrade to cause a ruckus with.

    • I’ve never even attempted to copy cassettes to CD. Would it be something similar to a USB turntable, but for cassettes?

      I am definitely your Battle comrade to cause a ruckus with! Do you remember/were you around for my “Sugar Sugar” battle? I think that was one for the books. I may even still have it at my old blog, though I’m not sure. I don’t think anyone at all liked either cover, LOL.

  • Memories! I remember when those music clubs were offering RECORDS (I’m dating myself) maybe 12 for a penny or something like that, and a whopping $4.98 per record thereafter – a sum of money that the young me could never afford. The ads were on the back of a lot of magazines. I would just lie there and dream. So anyway, I didn’t think I knew that song r that group until I started to play it and then – instant recognition. Thanks for the memories!

    • No worries, I remember the records, too! I never participated in the tapes or records (my parents wouldn’t allow), but I loaded up on CDs for several years once I was out on my own!

      LOL, I think that’s a song everyone has heard, but has no idea that they’ve heard. It’s just “one of those” songs!

  • Kim,

    I do remember long ago days of monthly mewsic clubs such as BMG. In fact, I ordered a lot of CDs through said service. I think with digital subscriptions which I think means you can also download mewsic with these services that’s why you may not find what you’re looking for. Honestly, with all the free mewsic online then I don’t see the need to buy lots of tunes anymore. It’s gotta be something pretty amazing before I’ll spend 99cents on a song. lol

    We have an older Macbook. DH got me an iMac for Christmas. We’ve been an Apple family for many years now. They have great products. The think I like about Apple is Time Machine keeping up with daily backups but of course, I manually backup my system on occasions to the same external hard drive. I highly recommend that you have an off storage for your important stuff either a physical drive or to the cloud. Apple’s computers usually run very well for years and they are great about supporting all their products with routine updates. I hope you enjoy your new laptop.

    It’s great having you on the dance floor another week. Today’s artist and song selection is an introduction. I love those retro stripped tube-socks! 🙂 Have a tunetastic week, dearie!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch ‘Z’ for Zinnias

    • That’s what my “new” laptop is – I got it last year sometime (hence a while ago, but I’m just now getting around to getting my music put on it) and it’s a 2009 Macbook Pro. I love it! It was refurbed and it’s got its quirks, but if it lasts me a few years, then it will have been worth every penny. I’m new to MacBooks, but have had the iPhone and iPad for a while now. There hasn’t been much of a learning curve to adapt to. Up until I got this laptop, I’d had only PC laptops that lasted anywhere from 2-4 years, and they didn’t have nearly the disk space as this one OR a dvd/cdr. And my last few laptops cost more than what I paid for this refurbished one.

      Next up, I need to try to replace my 4 year old iPad. I don’t want to, but I got the Mini 2, and that can no longer be updated at all. I mainly used it as an e-reader, and briefly as a tiny laptop in between this one and the last. Or maybe I’ll just get another Kindle. But what I loved about the iPad was that I could put any reading app I wanted on it, and I literally had ALL my books at my fingertips.

      I want physical music to keep on my phone and not have to use my data. I didn’t know digital subscriptions would let you download stuff, but if I do buy music, I try to buy vinyl from Amazon with the auto-rip option.

      • Kim,

        You’ll get the knack with your MacBook in no time. At first, it’s a bit awkward going from Microsoft OS to Apple but once you pass the learning curve you’ll fall in love with it. I got DH a newest Apple Mini (it’s a few years old) for Christmas. We keep hoping Apple will launch a new Mini but we’re thinking since it’s been this long that they will fade it out. He loves the size of the Mini as he can hold it easily while laying in bed at night. I have the 10.5″ iPad Pro. If I had a place for the larger one, I’d love to have it but the price is a bit heftier so I guess I’ll pass on that.

        Although I do not subscribe to any mewsic services it seems Amazon Prime has this feature. Of course, I’m not sure what happens if you cancel your subscription. Will your downloads remain or will they disappear? That’s something to check on if you’re interested, though. I don’t keep a lot of mewsic on my phone nor do I usually listen to it while away from home. I do have all of my physical Christmas CDs on my iPad (and computer) and I need to upload the rest of my CDs to my system but can’t seem to find the time. I mostly listen to mewsic on YouTube while looking for tunes to share or what I find on fellow bloggers’ blog. I’m content with the way things are at the moment and don’t feel rushed to finish putting my physical media on my computer.

        Vinyls have made a big comeback. Our son was telling us last week that tape cassettes are making a comeback. I thought that was surprising to learn. If you’d like to vote in my newest BoTB then please join me for the showdown!

        ~Curious as a Cathy
        Rock Country Roads #BoTB Showdown

  • My guess is that it was people joining for a penny, then quitting before the membership kicked in, then joining again for a penny…

  • I remember ordering from BMG – and ending up with tons of CD’s I forgot to send back. 😉 This song seems so familiar and yet I don’t remember it…thanks for the memory or introduction, either way! 😉

    I’m working on getting a new laptop – for whatever reason I switched from a laptop to an all-in-one a few years ago, and I miss the mobility of the laptop (nice days I could be hanging out on the deck!) not to mention this all-in-one is on its way out with constant Blue Screen Of Death moments. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me I better start pulling stuff onto an auxiliary drive or flash drive now so I’m ready for the transfer. 😉 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for the dance! 🙂

  • Enjoy the new laptop. It’s always nice to get things tweaked just the way you want!
    Thanks for dancing with us!

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