Music Monday – Birthday Edition

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Now, back down to business. It’s Music Monday over at X-Mas Dolly’s, and since it is Spotlight Dancer J. Lansky’s (from Catch My Words) daughter Erica’s 25th birthday, the theme is “presenting songs about birthdays or pertaining to kids growing up & being young & beautiful!”

Well, Happy Birthday, Erica! 25 is awesome. Your auto insurance rate goes down (I guess, unless you’ve managed to amass a lot of different driving infractions!); you’re old enough to know better and still too young to care. Enjoy this time of your life. It is pretty amazing.

On that note, I’m sharing one of my very favorite songs about….well, time. But it still makes me think of being young and beautiful and having the world at your feet.

The Rolling Stones – “Time Is On My Side”

What songs remind you of growing up, being young, etc.? There were a LOT for me, but I love this one the best, even out of songs of my own generation.

Be sure to head over to Dolly’s to participate, or see what everyone else is sharing!


  • Kim,

    I don’t have a particular song that makes me think of growing up or being young. Mewsic in general makes me feel youthful, so I don’t really feel my years (56 of ’em). Thanks for hitting the dance floor with us today. Have a wonderful week!

  • Very lovely song. That is Stones at their best. Thanks for sharing it.

  • This is a great post. I love the song and words of wisdom. Unless she’s been hiding something from us, she has a great driving record! Erica said, “This is cute. I like seeing all the blogposts about my birthday!” Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • Oh wow, this really brings back memories for sure! I haven’t heard this one in like forever. Thanks for bringin’ it back. ~hehehe~ I use to know every word… omg I still do! bwahahahaha Have a rockin’ week my friend. Thanks for jammin’ with us.

  • I Love this song! I don’t think there’s a Rolling Stone song that I don’t like but this one in particular is a favorite. Classic rock in general makes me feel young but what really makes me feel young is when I hear songs that I remember hearing on the AM station that I used to listen to before FM became the big thing!

    Have a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  • I love your sentiments to Erica – so very true!! and I love your song choice, Kim – thanks for the dance! 🙂

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