12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 10 – Tinsel Tree, O Tinsel Tree!

One of the most iconic vintage Christmas/yule items, to me, is the aluminum, or tinsel, tree. Some of them turn, and some of them came with a color wheel so you could change the color of your silver tree as your mood dictated!

I’m constantly on the lookout for one of these trees for myself, but have yet to find one. The closest I’ve come is a 24″ turquoise tinsel tree from Target. I call it my bartop tree, because for the past few years I haven’t really felt like going all-out at the holidays. I’m tired because work keeps me busier than usual, my children usually leave to visit relatives and I’m left by myself. That’s NOT as sad as it sounds, I promise! I usually only have the one day off that week, and I’ve come to cherish the quiet! But if they’re here, we usually just keep it low-key: pajamas, food, and Netflix. I expect all that will change once grandkids come along, or once I get all the electrical issues with my house fixed and can decorate without having to constantly reset breakers or fear of burning the house down.

Anyway, one of my favorite blogs, Retro Renovation gathered quite a few pics of tinsel trees and put them all in one post, which this handy-dandy pin links to:

Do YOU have a vintage (or other) tinsel tree? Or are you more of a traditional tree person?


  • My in laws, before my father in law died in 1998, had a vintage thin Christmas tree that had old fashioned lights on it. After he died, my mother in law got rid of it – perhaps it brought back too many memories. I can’t exactly describe the lights – they were large and in kind of frosted globes – but they had those lights (and that tree) an awfully long time. I do remember the aluminum trees from my youth (I’m 65). So many Christmas memories…..

    • Sounds like a beautiful tree! It probably did bring back too many memories, but it’s a shame she didn’t keep it for future generations! I get it though. It is hard to hold onto stuff that makes us sad, and Christmas trees should always make us happy.

  • My current tree looks amazingly like the one in this photo! I’m trying to attach a picture to this comment. Hope it works…

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