12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas, Day 6 – The rest of the glassware

I loved the Holt Howard and Libbey stuff so much they got their own post, but I found many, many more cute beverageware patterns sure to bring holiday cheer to any tabletop or bar or party!

These snowflake glasses are perfect for any winter occasion…

And these snowflake glasses….oh, my! These would be perfect with a lot of the black and white-based Scandinavian/rustic decor I’ve been seeing for a few years…

These turquoise and gold Christmas Tree glasses are simply divine…

Who could resist these adorable, jolly Santa glasses?

Or these red and gold Libbey reindeer?

I’m not linking to sales sites for these since a) I have no idea who makes most of them, and b) Libbey is easy enough to search for on eBay and Etsy.

Are you all set for drinkware for your holiday festivities?

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