Jingle those bells!

Oh my goodness, how did December get here so fast? Each year that rolls around, rolls by faster and faster.

So for the month of December, I have a brand new blog theme. Isn’t that little beach “snowman” just adorable? Originally, I hadn’t planned on switching themes, just headers. But what can I say? Inspiration struck, it was pretty easy to customize, and here we are!

Also for the month of December, I have a few things planned (in super-convenient, bullet points!):

  • Plenty of music posts
  • Since I didn’t blog regularly this year, some end-of-year posts
  • And something new I’m doing this year, a “12 Days of (Vintage) Christmas” series. That’s exactly what it sounds like. I’ll make 12 posts (not consecutively) before Christmas featuring vintage Christmas housewares/serveware, decor, settings, etc. I am so excited for this!

    Naturally, the themes for “Monday’s Music Moves Me” for the month are freebies every other week, and Christmas/Holiday-themed music every other other week. This week falls under Christmas, so I’m sharing a version of Jingle Bells that takes me away to a place I’d love to be spending Christmas: the beach. To me, it’s a beachy/jazz fusion that makes me want to really move! Normally, I’d be dreaming of a White Christmas. And I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather we’ve been having or what, but yeah….I’d love to head to a tropical place this holiday.

    I give you…

    Kenny Chesney – “Jingle Bells”


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