So, as I’ve been vagueblogging about for a while now, I’ve been stressed out (well, I wasn’t vague about that), but yeah. It’s MONEY stress, and money stress sucks. I just walked into my house with about $45 in groceries that I have challenged myself to make last as long as possible, as I have 4 adults living here (including myself) and only one income – MINE! oh,Gawd! – to count on at the moment.

I don’t have a set plan in motion, so I know my $45 isn’t going to last as long as more seasoned homemakers can make that amount last. But hey, I have to try. Right? Combined with what I already have here at home, we have: chicken, sausage, ground turkey, and hot dogs; bread, buns, tortillas, ramen, and spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, cereal, veggies, beans, rice, biscuit mix, cheese, eggs, a bit of milk, and spices. I will definitely need more milk, and I forgot sandwich meat.

And while this isn’t an official “meal plan Monday” type post (on Sunday, no less), here’s what I’m thinking:

Ramen w/veggies & shredded chicken (tonight, and was a big hit!)
Turkey & bean burritos
Shredded chicken quesadillas
Breakfast burritos
Ramen w/veggies & ground turkey
Spaghetti w/ground turkey
Spaghetti w/shredded chicken
Chicken breasts w/red beans & rice
Red bean & rice wraps

I’m thinking I will pick up more cheese, fish for fish tacos & fish sandwiches, and some more veggies/sides in addition to the milk and sandwich meat we still need, and as I said – we already have cereal and some stuff. I am hoping to spend no more than $80 including taxes for this pay period. It’s not fantastic, but we’re super broke until everyone has a steady paycheck again, and I think that’s amazing for basically not having had a game plan. And it looks like we’re getting as much protein and veggies as we were before. Just not as much convenience food, and no chips, and absolutely no eating out.

I got this!!


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