Checking in….

I don’t know what to say. It’s been a rough couple of months. Like, really rough. Really, rough, and really busy, and I had not anticipated I’d still be away from the blog at this point in the year. I’m living in a country song again right now, so I’ve been focusing all my energy on pushing through it. I don’t mean to make things sound melodramatic – I mean, they are, yet they’re not. I actually typed out the super-condensed version in a bullet list, but as it turns out, it was way too long and involved to get into. And I want to so bad, but….no one has that much time. Really. So I figured I would instead do a bit of a positive progress report:

  • I am losing weight!
  • I have a very doable work schedule.
  • I am also looking into other promising career opportunities.
  • My house, which is still in the beginning hoarder stages** (I am so ashamed!) is VERY slowly but surely coming together.
  • I have renewed my determination to eventually move. I originally wanted to start fresh once the decision to either sell my current place (marital home) or buy it came up. For many good reasons, I chose to buy and stay here. But here lately, I’m feeling very much like a fresh start is still needed; even crucial to my mental, emotional, and financial well-being.
  • Earlier in March, I had the opportunity to see Green Day! I was so excited. I’ve actually been trying to see them for over twenty years now, and it’s just never worked out.

Here are some pics from the evening:

Whatever good or bad I’ve got going on, I certainly have a summer full of good music, friendship, and road trips planned: The Damned in May, Thirty Seconds To Mars and Muse in June, New Politics in July, and The Descendants in October. Hopefully even more!

**I need to optimize storage options for the vintage stuff I’m selling, AND my work space.

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