Random train of thought and Songs for Sunday

I’ve been working today on getting my latest Etsy shop, Ghost Rain Vintage, up and running.

(If you’re wondering why I now have two shops, I branched off because I wanted to be able to more clearly focus on vintage resale on one, and start getting upcycled projects on the other. More info can be found at each shop’s page, both of which are listed up above.)

I was putting an “about” page together for Etsy, and wanted to explain the how I got the shop name. I originally wanted to go with something using sunshower – it must have been sunny and raining when I first gave serious thought to branching off! But no names I thought of were available. Since Ghost Rain is another name for sunshower in Hawaiian Culture, I opted to go with that (despite not being Hawaiian) because (to me) it conjures the mental image of rain, which I love, and ghosts, which are perfect metaphors for the past, which is what vintage is: artifacts and memories of those days gone by. And now I feel like that name is a much better representation of me and my shop. It’s kismet, and it’s perfect!

So all this work reminded me of the Chris Cornell song “Sunshower”. Anyone remember it? If not, don’t worry. It’s included in the playlist below if you’d like to hear it! It’s from the late 90s, and is featured on the soundtrack to Great Expectations reboot. I haven’t heard that song in years!

And that’s how my train of thought exploded from working on the Etsy shop to a song I hadn’t heard in years! I’ve put together a mish-mash playlist of OTHER songs I haven’t heard in years, but happened to hear on the radio on the recent trip to Franklin. I do have an iPhone loaded with music, but sometimes I like to just turn on the radio and hear what’s going on out there, especially in those places out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve found it’s mostly always Oldies, Classic Rock, Gospel, Talk, and Classic Country until you get within broadcast range of the nearest big city.

Feel free to listen and enjoy!

And if this is your first visit here, definitely feel free to catch up on the other posts. I will love you so much if you do!

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