Almost there!

It now the end of day two of #NaBloPoMo, and also:

  • The Cookie Monster’s 47th birthday.
  • The day in 1967 when Pink Floyd recorded “Paintbox” at Abbey Road.
  • The Season 3 premiere of Salem, which I won’t get to watch till tomorrow since I cut the cable cord a while back.
  • Day eight of a nine-consecutive-day work week for me. Tonight was my fourth double, or open-to-close, in eight days.

See? Important stuff!

Actually, I am totally wiped out. Physically and mentally exhausted and irritable, and OH! my feet. They. hurt. so. BAD! And I’m thinking I should call out of work tomorrow to go get hammered, get a massage, and recap all the This Is Us episodes I’ve already seen (and not necessarily in that order). But I am a responsible adult, and I can’t afford a massage and will most likely pass out before I’ve even re-watched one episode of This Is Us. So I guess I’ll be going in to work after all. But come quitting time? I plan on spending lots of quality time with wine and bubble baths and my pillow.

NaBloPoMo November 2016

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